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Rules Art Studio Rules [Updated 2024/01/18]

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Your path to a colorful PC!

Welcome to Art Studio! This section of the forums is dedicated to showcasing your artistic talent, learning and growing your skills, and fun activities with the rest of our community. Our Studio is home to all kinds of art (audio, visual, performing, you name it!) with the exception of writing based arts which are covered in our sister sections in the Create and Discover Category- check them out too!

General Pokecommunity Rules

Community wide rules apply. That means no NSFW content or graphic images, no posting stolen artwork, and no linking to illegal/suspicious content. Common sense should guide your actions. If you need a refresher course, please read the global rules.

Offering commissions is allowed in a Paid Shop, but PokéCommunity staff are not responsible for any transaction issues. Sale of physical goods is not allowed on-site. See the corresponding rules section before offering commissions.

Art Studio-specific Rules

› Plagiarism is not allowed.
› (Generative and non Generative) AI Art, nor use of AI Art in pieces is not allowed.
› Mild artistic nudity or Mature Content is allowed only with clear warnings.
› If you have multiple Showcase or Shop threads, they must be for different purposes or projects. Sticking to one of each is recommended.
› Limited advertising of off-site galleries or shops is allowed. Content must be safe for work and relevant.
› All threads can be revived at any point, but it is generally recommended to just make a new one.
› Images larger than 1500px x 1500px must be enclosed in spoiler tags.
› Always credit images/assets used. We have a crediting format to be used as general guidelines.
› If there is any problem, don't hesitate to contact the current Art Studio moderators!

Quick Links:
#artist-studio on Discord ● Promote your art on SMT ● Contribute to Pokecommunity Daily

Current Moderators:

KittySapphire Rose
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In-depth rules, what you can and cannot post.

What you CAN'T post

Stolen or Uncredited Works
You can not post artwork that you did not create! Even if a friend made it for you, you can not make a showcase for it. You're free to share it in talk or learning art threads as long as your friend has a link to their name, but otherwise do not post things you do not have permission from the artist to post! Uncredited works will be warned, and plagiarism will be dealt with very seriously. Editing another artist's work, using it as a base/trace for your drawing, and doing pixel over count as things you must give credits for.

Pornographic Material (and the difference of Artistic Nudity)
You can not post explicit material here, even if you consider it art. Explicit means nudity or other acts of a sexual nature, as well as overly violent gore. Mild artistic nudity is allowed. Things such as anatomical studies, general underlying sketches and things are fine as long as they are not explicit. The PokéCommunity staff reserves the right to delete any or all drawings/pictures that defy this rule.**

The request tag is now permanently removed. You are not allowed to create any threads, or even unsolicited posts for requests. You may request things in an artist's shop if it fit their criteria, and if none of those suits your needs, feel free to use the Small Requests thread.

**When using mild artistic nudity or mild violence in your image, use the Content Warning Tags!

To use the header, include the following code:

The result will look as such:

What you CAN post (Prefixes Explained)

Main Section - Showcases/Shops, Talks, Games


A showcase allows you to post your artwork, music, or design for anyone to view and comment on. This is often the best place to start when getting involved in the section, and making a showcase is a good way to request feedback if you're working on improving your skills.​

We recommend sticking to one showcase thread per person, with each showcase thread having at least one piece of art posted. If you wish to have multiple showcase threads, they must be demonstrably being used for different projects - for example, you might create one showcase to get feedback on Fakemon designs, and one for all of your other miscellaneous artwork.​

Things to take note of:

› As a showcase owner, you may revive your showcase thread at any time.
› When giving feedback, be respectful. Any criticism should be constructive.

Free Shop, Paid Shop

The shop tags allow you to offer your skills in art, music, or design to other members or link to a place where you do. Shops can be either free or paid. If you wish to make a paid shop, please see the section on commissions below.

You may have at most one free shop and one paid shop open at any given time. If you are closing requests for a significant period of time, please contact a Moderator to have your thread closed for the duration of that period. Please note that these threads still act like showcase threads and you must have at least one piece of art directly uploaded!​

Things to take note of:

› As a shop owner, you may revive your shop thread at any time.

› You can showcase some of your artwork in the first post of your shop, and post the results of commissions, but please avoid using the shop as a general-purpose showcase thread. Use the Showcase prefix instead.​


Previously called the Discussions tag, this one is to talk about art, and anything related to art! This can include colors you like, artists you follow, or even why artists like Van Gogh is extremely overrated (don't @ me). This is not a tag to talk about your artwork or getting help with it. That is for the Learning tag.​


This tag is for fun stuff!! Contests, activities, or other user made events will go under this tag (note: anyone can create a game). Examples of this is the "Create-a-Fakemon!" game that's been played for years, pass that art where you pass around wips and create a finished product together, and doing 30 days of drawing, and even just quick five minute sketches that you draw with your left hand. Threads of this nature are designed to be interactive with the community where you and your fellow artists can play along and have fun!​

Resources Subsection - Learnings and Resources


There are multiple purposes for this tag! If you'd like help with a drawing, using this to alert people that you need real help figuring something out. If you'd like to give a tutorial for the people who are in need, feel free to use this tag as well and we can add that to our tutorial thread! Generally speaking, this is for your own improvement, or to help in other's.​


A resource is a constantly updating thread that is meant to be used by all. Either a collection of information, or a group editing project, people work hard to maintain a database of art or art related information for everyone to use and keep up with.​

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This is mandatory.

Why do we need credits?

For both legal and respectful reasons, you need to credit when you use an artist's work, either in editing, using, and referencing it. You should do this to respect the artist's wishes first of all, expose people to their work overall, and also in case of any disputes we have clear evidence to where everyone's art came from with dates and proof. For this reason, crediting is mandatory.

In any and all cases, always ask for permission before using/editing another person's work.
Except when the artist clearly states that it's free to use, then always link to the artist and where you saw the usage permission.


(Venia Silente#1183, Discord, 10/15/14, permission)

What is considered "using" the art?

If you are presenting a work of art that you claim you had a hand in creating, you must credit the artist if you traced, edited it, or referenced their specific idea. Pixel overs count as tracing the artwork. The specific idea means, if I were to draw an image of a person's fakemon with the exact design as they created, I would need to credit them.

If you and one person have a different interpretation of the same idea, it is not necessary to establish who 'thought of it first'. The reason widely licensed game/media/series is not necessary to credit is because those copyrights are already protected well and the artist were paid/gave up their license to the company. We are most interested in protecting individual artist who commonly get their art stolen and directly depend on being credited to expose people to their art.

Okay. How do I credit?

(princess-phoenix, deviantart, 11/27/14, free usage)

Use this code:

Key Requirements:
Original Artist Name: Non-direct link to image, a link to where the sprite was posted that contains the artist who posted it and the date it was posted.
Where it was posted: deviantart, pixiv, tumblr, etc. This is NOT the link, it just shows you where it's from before it's clicked.
Date: The date the art was created and posted to that site.
Usage, if Applicable: A link that shows where it says it's able to use, if it's free to use in the first link just say free usage here.

If you have problems finding these on a page, please contact Art Studio's Moderators!
Written by Nina.
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Good vs bad critique

Art is an experience, for both the creator and the audience, and naturally lends itself to observation and analysis. This is where the intricacies of criticisms come into play. There is no rule that says you must be an artist or artistic in general to be able to appreciate the inherent value of the arts and experience emotion based on those arts. Visual arts can be simplified down to the "act of visual communication" - and as living, breathing, and independent agents of our own experiences, even the most uneducated of minds can offer the most valuable critiques.

That being said, there is an appropriate way to offer critique that raises the artist's knowledge and perspective without belittling them. In the Art Studio, while we are lenient to what kinds of critiques we allow since many of us are still amateurs, there is a vague yet fair set of guidelines to help you form a reasonable, coherent, and respectful review. it also bares mentioning that "one liner" reviews should be kept to an extreme minimum. It's important to address the artist's work personally and help them -and yourself- learn and grow.

Remember, art is subjective.

Negative feedback does not mean you've failed as an artist. Everyone has their own interpretation of art and your concepts may not be congruent with the viewer's preferences. That is perfectly okay!​

Critiques you shouldn't leave

Bad criticisms should never make the artist feel ashamed, humiliated, or discouraged and such comments are not appropriate for the Art Studio. Also be mindful not to critique works that are still in progress.

Examples of a bad critique include:
› Ew, your anatomy sucks ass!!1!
› Green is a shit color.
› Did you even try in this one?
› [artist] is so much better than you.
› You'll never be a professional with that level of work.

How to deal with negative criticism:
First off, take a deep breath and don't respond with anger. We realize that posting your personal art is like posting a piece of yourself online and to be rejected can be painful. But take aggressive criticism with a grain of salt and reflect on it in a more positive light. Remember that you can't please everyone. If you see any overtly hurtful comments in your thread or anyone else's thread, please report them immediately.

Constructive criticisms you should leave

Always consider the art before saying anything positive or negative. Perhaps look at the artist's prior works to see if they've improved. Remember to critique the work exactly as it is and not what you believe it should be. A good critique should highlight the artist's strengths and explain how the artist can evidence your suggestions. If you're not an adept artist, you can always remark about how the art makes you feel.

Such examples include:
› I can see you've really improved in your use of color! I hope you experiment with more contrast at some point!
› Your poses look much more realistic, but still seem a little stiff. I recommend using a model to help with anatomy!
› Those lines look so clean, but maybe you should try decreasing the opacity a touch?
› Your use of blue is stunning, it has a very calm and melancholy feel to it.
› I've tried that technique before and it was very hard! I'm impressed you pulled it off so well!
Rules created by Fairy
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A guide to buying and selling art

In this segment we'll be discussing how to operate commissions. PokéCommunity allows artists to advertise commissions in a Paid Shop thread. You may either conduct transactions on PC, or provide an off-site link to a place where you do. This does not include the buying or selling of physical goods, which is not allowed.​

Client-side Relations

Artist-side Setup

Rules created by Fairy, Nina, Kitty, Sapphire Rose, Flowerchild
Assisted by Colours
Edited by Venia Silente
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fleeting assembly
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A Pokémon collage!

[alink id=one]Main Rules[/alink id] ● [alink id=two]Posting Guide[/alink id] ● [alink id=three]Crediting[/alink id] ● [alink id=four]Critiquing[/alink id] ● [alink id=five]Commissions[/alink id] ● [alink id=six]Badges[/alink id] ● [alink id=seven]Banner[/alink id]

Art Studio's collage banner was created by the forum community contributing one (or occasionally two) Pokémon each! Individual member contributions are listed in this post. You can click on an image to see the original submission post.

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