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ASM: Seasonal Music Switches (Like BW/B2W2!)


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ http://GoGoJJTech.com ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
This is a custom routine (currently only for FR) that switches music based on DNS's seasons. If the player doesn't have RTC or seasons enabled, the music defaults to spring music.

Here's an example of the ASM in action:

Neat, isn't it?

This is based off of Jambo51's hooks into the music loader. Once you add this routine in, all music changes as soon as the game begins, and in real time. If it changes from February to March as the player is playing the game, the next song they load will have spring music in it. Cool, isn't it?

Here's the ASM:
Fire Red


To have the music work out, you just place the same songs in the same slots in each table. For example, you'd place all 4 of the same route in slot 293 in Sappy, however, they'd all be from the different seasons. For songs that don't switch between seasons such as the trainer battle theme, just keep them all the exact same.

Once you insert, your music should automatically begin to switch on its own without you doing anything. You will have to restart all save states, not save files. And now you're done!
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Hi. I actually have had did a portion of Emerald last few months ago.

ASM part:
.align 2
DNS: .word 0x0300553C
ramtable: .word 0x086B49C0

Bytes changing parts:
0x2E0134-> 7A 46 08 49 08 47
0x2E0160-> 7A 46 0A 49 08 47
0x2E01AC-> 7A 46 0A 49 08 47
0x2E0200-> 7A 46 0A 49 08 47
0x2E0234-> 7A 46 0A 49 08 47

Pointers changing part:
All 0x6B49F0 to a pointer (+1) to the THUMB routine.
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