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[Questions] Best Pokémon card packs to buy

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  • Seen Nov 23, 2023
Hey all just wondering what the best Pokémon card packs are to buy?

Going to start collecting and was wondering which packs I have the best chance of getting the best cards from ?



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Hi! I think this is a very open question with no simple answer so I'll do my best to try and help out.

The "best" cards can be very subjective and change pretty often! The best cards can be different for different people. A lot of the time the cards worth the most money are ones that are either very rare to get or are very common at high-level tournaments. If all the best decks at tournaments play 4 copies of a super rare card, everyone wanting to play in tournaments will want that card. An example would be Ultra Ball from Plasma Freeze, as it's about 10 years old, new copies of it aren't being made, and tournament decks today are still playing it.

However, if someone just enjoys collecting Pokemon cards for the art, or because they have a favourite Pokemon they like to collect, something meant for a tournament player won't be very valuable to them. Paldea Evolved is a set that came out earlier this year with a lot of great art, so those kinds of people will likely find a lot of value in those cards. Something like this Raichu would be considered better to them.

What card is the "best" really depends on the person collecting them. If you're starting to collect, I think a good starting point is to go looking for a few cards that you really like and want to have, and then find what set(s) those are from and go after those. Depending on if you're the kind of person who wants Ultra Ball or the kind of person who wants Raichu, you could build a totally different collection for the kinds of cards you think are best.
If you're still unsure and want my absolute simplest answer, I think any of the Scarlet and Violet sets (Scarlet and Violet, Paldea Evolved, Obsidian Flames, and Paradox Rift) are where you should start. They're the newest sets and will be the easiest to find in stores.
  • Seen Jan 9, 2024
I agree with the previous post in that it isnt a black and white answer. I tend to buy packs based on what I want to collect or the value of the pack. $200 dollars (aud) for a silver tempest booster was what I recently got because I was hunting a few cards from that set but especially the 186/195 Lugia V card. Advice I would give is to look at the value of the cards based on rarity and if all the value is in one/two very rare cards if you are looking to increase the value of your collection I would tend to avoid those sets. I would also say saving up and buying booster boxes or waiting for great deals instead of buying individual packs is a great stratagy.