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blogs are for complaining right?

  • It's 2:59am, while I do admit that I stayed awake till like 2:00am on purpose, now I'm staying awake for a different reason.

    There is no moral or something to this story, I just feel like telling it.

    Our family always helps others in need, so when a neighbor kid of 10 years gets kicked out of his house, we suggested for him to stay here even if we don't have any room. He literally sleeps and has all his stuff in a closet. He didn't actually ask, but considering he got into a car wreak that had his foot in a cast, that's fine I guess, REALLY needed a place to be.

    All of this, why he got kicked out, was because of a girl. His brother was into a girl, she decided she loved him instead, brother threw a rock through his window and decided the kid was the issue and should leave.
    Which is, justified. He's 28, was in jail for some month for assault and was on drugs. He always leaves, gets into trouble, lands back at home and is sober for a time, then runs off and gets into trouble.

    Now this girl, is 18 and just graduated high school. It's skeevy, but this is the time my mother and father met, at 28 and 18 so as long as she understands what's going on and his history, I guess that's fine. But obviously, I have the always protective thought. She's too young/good for him, really, he's such a handful of trouble. Never say it though, it's not my place and he's just a guest in the house for whatever time.

    Tonight she knocked on my door, and quietly asked if I had said he couldn't stay here anymore. I gave her a confused face and said no, I didn't say that, and my parents didn't tell me they didn't want him or anything like that. She didn't ask accusingly, she asked like she was pretty sure he was lying and I wouldn't do that. I sit in my room, come out for food, and go back in, I haven't interfaced with him in like 5 hours. She starts to get a little upset, says she's heartbroken, because he flipped out on her. She said she know my dad said 'no drama' (he didn't tell me that), but she just wanted to verify and of course she was emotional. She kept apologizing for being emotional and I said it's ok. She said she'll be outside and that to tell him that she'll always love him, but is heartbroken.


    Hear what is probably him, coming in and out and taking his stuff away I guess? Who knows. Hear a few shouts, turn off the fan, and hear the last of it, her saying "you bitch, I spent so much money on you!" and getting in her car to drive off. He is currently doing something around his room, I dunno, cause apparently he thought he was kicked out so I have no idea.

    No moral, just annoyed, staying up to witness/make sure there are no altercations and maybe that he should actually leave now. Convenient, that his foot is almost all healed up when he decides to not be nice to the girl who (assuming from the comment) buys everything and drives him everywhere.

    He even said before "think she might be the one" after a few days of 'stealing' her from his brother.

    I just wanted to share because it's annoying, and I hate that he did that to her and I hate that he's taking advantage of people. Her, and our kindness, bringing drama and issues into our house. Don't be a dick. Please return your key when you leave so we don't have to change the locks.