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Blogs...Ohh...What are they good for!


  • Absolutely nothing!

    Which is why I should maybe start writing in my blog more?

    Hmm perhaps, however I have this persisting feeling that everything I say is just me being really annoying, particularly in a place where I'm not very well known any more...Yet at the same time an exciting opportunity to make friends!

    Or maybe it could be that I find it difficult to really think of what to post on these things, which is weird because on any other form of social networking I can talk for days.

    It could even well be that I simply don't have a very interesting life and that doesn't leave me with a great deal of topics to write about.

    Hey...what if...!!!

    What if I aim to make one blog post every week?

    Yes! PERFECT.

    It would be like my own little personal Pokecommunity place-to-talk-about-stuff-that-nobody-particularly-cares-about. Or PPP!

    Yep, I think I'm on to something pretty gosh darn snazzy here :^)