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Blue hack: Blue Kaizo 101

  • Age 28
  • Seen today
This is a simple edit of the classic ROM Hack Blue Kaizo, reducing the levels of the Elite Four and Champion.

All of the Elite Four's Pokemon are now at level 101 (down from 115 in the original).

The aim is to make the Elite Four more viable for hardcore nuzlocking (i.e. without using items in battle).

Background: Several people have defeated hardcore nuzlockes of Blue Kaizo. Most of the game is very manageable, until you get to the extremely difficult level 115 Elite Four. To beat the E4, players have relied on gen 1's "invulnerability glitch". This has meant trying to get Slowbro paralysed underground while using Dig, thus achieving invincibility for segments of the Elite Four.

With the levels reduced to 101, there will be more consistent ways to beat the Elite Four for those who don't want to rely on the invulnerability glitch.

Rest assured, it will still be very challenging. Have fun trying to solve this game!

Patch to base Pokemon Blue: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ATF6Muo_WlSchhTiLACbwBtetxCpxkjP

Elite Four and Champion:
all level 101


All credit to SinisterHoodedFigure for making Blue Kaizo. E4 levels are the only thing changed from the original version.

I used the hex editor Goldfinger to achieve this edit.

Thanks to stem (stemstudios on Twitch) for suggesting the title BK101, and for generally promoting interest in Blue Kaizo hardcore nuzlockes.