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Braxien's Blog Post


  • 13,184
    • Age 31
    • Seen Jan 30, 2015
    This is Braxien's blog post for Around PC in Seven Days. Enjoy :)


    Hello, readers!

    I am Braxien, a new member of these forums who is currently attempting to head 'Around PC in Seven Days'. Do you think I can do it? Well, at the time of writing this Blog, I only have 4 tasks remaining to complete the Challenge and have a chance of winning Supporter!

    I know. Someone on their second day here with over 50 posts who may win Supporter in a competition. It's crazy!

    I wish to thank everyone who has spoke with me and gave advice to me so far on my fantastic journey here and I wish to venture into the future here at The PokéCommunity Forums.

    I apologise that this is short but it is extremely late at night and I'm sick and I need to sleep and BLAURGH.


    PS. Do you think I should change my name to the correct spelling of Braixen? :o