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Computer blah

So for those that don't know me, I've had a horrible track record with computers. Every single summer (or close to it), for the past few years, I've had a computer die on me in some way.

- July 2003, the hard drive in my old old desktop crashed.
- May(?) 2004, the same desktop finally gave up the ghost entirely (though the hard drive was okay, and I think is still being used in one of the computers in this house).
- June 2005, something goes wrong with Windows (no idea what), and I end up having to wipe my hard drive because nothing else worked.
- May 2006, had some problem with my laptop, it wouldn't charge at all, laptop eventually became a large paperweight because of said non-charging.
- May 2007, the laptop I was using died completely, though I barely count this since by that time I also had the current laptop I'm using now.

(Somewhere in there is also the tale of the headphone jack on my laptop somehow dying - though I can't remember what year that was. I remember it died twice though, once during a December for no reason, and then again because I was an idiot and broke it myself accidentally. :D;; )


So it's already the end of September 2008, and no problems yet - I almost think I've dodged the bullet this year.

Except that, for some reason, now my computer won't recognize my AC adapter. :I Or at least, it can't recognize its type, which is silly because it's the same adapter I've used ever since I got this computer. While it makes my computer run, it doesn't charge up my battery at all.

Fun, absolute fun. I think I just need a new computer overall, but I don't have the money for that at the moment so...pfft.

Add to that the fact that my mouse is ticking me off (by either doing single-clicks as double-clicks, or not responding at all to a click), and yeah, I'm not entirely happy. :I

Lucy Lu

Keep On Moving Foward...
  • Seen Mar 6, 2014
Man, I hope your computer will be okay. And you don't need to add 2008 as the year your computer got messed up again. For me I been having trouble with my mouse as well. It doesn't scroll well as it should and sometimes it won't click fast enough. I might need a new mouse...you might need one too.


  • Age 15
  • Seen Jun 21, 2011
Watch it blow up now on Dec 31st for even mentioning it.