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Crystal Clear review, I guess.


Little boygirl.
I had a ton of free time, not really, but I didn't do the things I should, instead of that, I've been playing Pokémon, mainly Rom Hacks, so Imma make a review of Crystal Clear, my favorite right now.

What makes it my favorite?
It's hard to say just 'It has that, so it's cool', so we're going to see each part of this individually:

Free Roaming!
Yep, you can go anywhere with your lvl 3 Rattata without having to care 'bout CUTable trees. They aren't there blocking routes, except for not needed areas, like shortcuts or just a forest that goes nowhere. You can travel from city to city without having HM SURF, thanks to the Ferry. Don't wanna pay? With a few gym badges, you'll get free access. Wanna travel to Kanto? There's a bridge from New Bark. Don't like bridges? You have the Magnet Train from Goldenrod. Got HM FLY? Cool, you can now go almost anywhere, no need to visit that city before, you can first time travel there with FLY.
With that said, we can move to the next point, wich is...

All 251 available to catch, or breed, or something!
Yikes! You can now complete a full Pokédex without the need of trading, every mon can be get at CC, even those that trade-evolve, because there's that Tradeback guy, who will give you a perfect copy of the mon you give him. For instance, if you gave your Kadabra, he'll give you a Kadabra,same DV's, same Stat-exp, same lvl, same OT and ID, and as it's a traded one, it will evolve when you get it, so you can now have a very cool Alakazam even if you don't have friends who play Pokémon, or if you don't have any friends at all. There are in game events for all the legendary ones. From Bulbasaur to Celebi, every mon can be obtained in a single run. You can even find starters in the wild.
So, let's move on with the next, and one of my favorite features:

The game scales up with badges!
Yes, with badges. You wanna buy a good TM? Get badges. Want more items to buy in the Market? Get badges. Wanna higher level trainers to defeat? Get badges. If you have no badges, every gym will be low leveled, so you can start from the last one if you want.

Kanto TM's, Event Moves, Move relearner, Other Move-Related stuff!
Do you like competitive play? Go buy newer games! Okno, let's try again...
Do you like competitive play? You now have cool Move Tutors so you can get specific movements, also some movesets were tweaked, such as any(really, any) Pokémon that learns SURF will now learn WATERFALL and WHIRLPOOL. Cool, yeah? Also, some of those Tutors give some useless Pokémon an oporunity to be less useless!

Don't wanna waste a Move slot for cut? Don't wanna use a new HM slave for cutting trees? Get that Sword and rip off those trees!

Easter eggs!
Go to that heck truck! Press A in Olivine city trees! There are a lot of Easter Eggs and secrets, so the game has more flavor now, in terms of discovering things.

New player characters!
If Chris and Kris are not enough to you, you now have more sprites to choose from, not only that, you can also edit the colors of the model you are using. And if you're not ok with the gender assuming thing, you can choose the gender independent of the model you've choosen, you can be a Female Chris, or a Genderless one if you choose the 'None' option!
Not just that, you can inject your own sprites if you wan't your really own custom player sprite.

A large roster of starter mons!
Yeah, more than the original three, you can now choose from a bigger catalogue of starters, such as the old three starters, Eevee, Pikachu, Unown, Shuckle, even Magikarp can be your starter!
Don't like the original selection? No problem bro, you can inject your own starter, selecting it's default moves, item and DV's! Or you can just select any Pokémon, and let the injector assign normal moves and random DV's.

Easy shiny hunting!
If you like to shiny hunt, let me tell you that gifted Pokémon(Like starters, the Bill's Eevee and so) have better shiny odds. No shiny? No problem! The game will ask if want to save for soft-resetting, so when you reset, you will get the Pokémon again just when the game starts. The process can be made even faster with the quick continue! You can change the Continue mode in the options: Normal will show the intro, just like Normal games! Tittle will skip the intro scene to the Tittle screen, so you only press start to get to the menu. Quick will take you directly to the game, skipping Intro, Tittle screen, Continue menu!

Running shoes!
Tired of walking like a normal person? Then run like a normal person! Press and hold B to run, you can do it anywhere! Don't like pressing that heck button? Don't do it! Just enable Always run in the options, so you do the speedy thing without pressing extra buttons!

Custom bags and Pokégear!
When you start your adventure, you will also choose your bag from a nice selection! You can also choose the pallette to be used in the pack menu, the same goes for your Pokémon gear, you can choose it's color, so it complements you!

If you don't like default music, FroggestSpirit demixed some music to fit in Crystal Clear! You have a Music menu to change the themes, also, there's some unlockable music to find!

Nyoom, Swoosh, Following Pokémon!!
HG/SS is crap, Crystal Clear lets you choose any Pokémon of your team to follow you by pressing Select over it in the Party screen, so you can walk with your fave behind you while having any other in the first place. Or you can just have no mon following you, but ya' know, that would be so boring. HM and field moves do some cool stuff when used by your following Pokémon. If your following mon uses HEADBUTT, you will see him/her/it smashing the tree! Using TELEPORT with your follower will make you and your Pokémon do the teleporting thing together! You can talk with your Pokémon, they may ask you for a hug or find cool items for you.

You don't really need to start over, but if you do so, you can start in another region! When you start a game, you will be asked if you wanna start in Kanto or Johto, you can choose a different starter, trust me, playing with Ditto is a completly different thing! If you don't wanna get to the begining, you can rechallenge the gym leaders, so they will have higher leveled Pokémon, as you will have more badges.

And last, but not least...
It's developer is still alive and active! We have no release date for the next version, but what we do know, is that he's active on the Discord server. He usually gives suppport, attend to bug reports, and answers some question, so it's very possible that we'll get a new update soon!

It's possible to download the patch from the Discord, but if you really wanna get into the server, you will need some extra steps.

I love this hack, and would really like to see it grow a lot, because it's actually better than the original game! So I invite you to play it, and enjoy it as I do!

Have a nice day, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Jen's out.