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Day 1: Do you live in the future?


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    [Last night I discovered an app called Conscious. The app provides daily challenges designed to strengthen one's ability to maintain present-moment conscious awareness - mindfulness training, you could say. Here is today's challenge, and my journal entry about taking it on.]

    Challenge: Become aware of moments when you are lost in thinking about the future, whether it's 10 minutes or 2 years from now. Notice how it pulls your attention from the present moment. See the reasons why you are running from your present experience.

    Journal: I'm considering that perhaps there are no accidents.

    This challenge is for me a reminder to stand in Emptiness, creating the clearing from which I may freely create a future that calls me forth powerfully into action Now. And it comes at a time where I find myself once again being comfortable and oblivious. While I see nothing inherently wrong with being that way, it's not what I have given my Word to.

    I have a promise to share the liberating freedom of experiencing life's empty and meaningless character, and then to deliver the access to the power to create without limitation. This is the expression of the Self through my self, and it is that from which I have been running.

    How tragic, how silly, how strange indeed... This agonized, wonderful life that we lead. I have promised before, and now promise again, to come back every time I leave the game. I'll keep playing until you and me and all of us and them suffer no more.