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Difficulty making a custom move.

  • Age 29
  • Seen Jan 26, 2024
I am having trouble making moves that have bad effects for the user, like losing a quarter of their HP, getting confused, getting paralyzed, etc. While also having a positive effect like a stat increase. The move can be taught to the pokemon but it always fails and I don't know why. If someone could give me an example as how to make these types of moves, it would be very appeciated.
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  • Age 24
  • Seen Feb 24, 2024
In MoveEffects_BattlerStats:

# Sacrifices 1/4 of HP to increase Attack.

class Battle::Move::RaiseUserAttackLoseQuarterOfTotalHP < Battle::Move
attr_reader :statUp

def canSnatch?; return true; end

def initialize(battle, move)
@statUp = [:ATTACK, 1]

def pbMoveFailed?(user, targets)
hpLoss = [user.totalhp / 4, 1].max
if user.hp <= hpLoss
@battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("But it failed!"))
return true
return true if !user.pbCanRaiseStatStage?(@statUp[0], user, self, true)
return false

def pbEffectGeneral(user)
hpLoss = [user.totalhp / 4, 1].max
user.pbReduceHP(hpLoss, false, false)
if user.hasActiveAbility?(:CONTRARY)
user.statsLoweredThisRound = true
user.statsDropped = true
@battle.pbCommonAnimation("StatDown", user)
@battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1} cut its own HP and lowered its {2}!",
user.pbThis, GameData::Stat.get(@statUp[0]).name))
user.statsRaisedThisRound = true
@battle.pbCommonAnimation("StatUp", user)
@battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1} cut its own HP and raised its {2}!",
user.pbThis, GameData::Stat.get(@statUp[0]).name))

You can change the ATTACK to another stat.

In PBS file moves.txt:

Name = InsertNameHere
Type = InsertTypeHere
Category = Status
Accuracy = 0
TotalPP = 10
Target = User
FunctionCode = RaiseUserAttackLoseQuarterOfTotalHP
Description = The user raises it's Attack by sacrificing it's HP.