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Donations and Supporter Benefits

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    OK so, you want to support the PokéCommunity? Already placed a link (images) on your website??

    Well there's another way you can help PC: how about donating a little money? If you have a PayPal account, a credit card, or a bank account you can donate to us online.. Click on the donate button in the nav bar found on the top of every page.

    See https://www.pokecommunity.com/misc.php?do=page&template=supporters for donation info and more options..

    Or, just send your payment thru PayPal to [email protected] (make sure you say it's for Pokecommunity.com AND include your PC Username) or just click this link to make an online donation.

    You can also mail (yeah, snail-mail) in your donations. PM me for info on how and where to send.

    As PC has some pretty high costs (vB license fees, hosting costs, admin time costs and so on,) we hope some of you like us enough to help support us.. take a minute and donate a little something. Every little bit helps! You'll get some cool stuff in return: a unique usergroup complete with a colored username, more perks such as increased PM space, bigger avatars, more album space (profile album and bigger image sizes), no ads at the top of the page, and more!

    PokéCommunity Supporters are divided into tiers. Depending on the amount you've donated, you'll have exclusive access to many Supporter-only features. Donate as much and donate any time - the more money you donate, the more features you'll have access to!

    Silver Tier: $5.00 - $14.99
    Colored username (Silver)
    VIP Forums access
    500 PMs in your inbox instead of 200
    200x200 profile picture uploads
    150x150 avatar uploads
    Background images in allowed in profile styles

    Gold Tier: $15.00 - $24.99
    Colored username (Gold)
    Future beta forums
    1500 PMs
    300x300 profile picture
    180x180 avatar

    Crystal Tier: $25.00 +
    Colored username (Crystal blue)
    Ability to use BBCode (bold, italic, underline, font, and color) in custom user titles
    2000 PMs
    800x800 profile picture

    There are absolutely no commitments that you will have to make. Once you've donated, the benefits you're given will last as long as you do. Put a smile on that dial (:mudkip;):) - once you've donated to us, you've just contributed to the PokéCommunity's total funding!

    Subscription-based donations

    A Recurring Supporter is a subscription-based supporter level, automatically debiting $2.00 USD (local pricing may differ - please see the Paid Subscriptions control panel) each month. Recurring Supporters are automatically placed into the Crystal Tier Supporters group. Once you pass $25 in donations, you can ask to be moved to Crystal Tier. To use this feature, click on the UserCP link, scroll down to Miscellaneous and click on Paid Subscriptions.

    Transfers and gift donations

    Supporter status can not be moved between or transferred to another new or existing account with the ONE TIME exception of a gift donation. This means that once you have donated to PC, it stays with that nick/account. If you want to create a new account and want supporter status, you will have to donate again under your new account.

    Donations and Supporter Benefits

    Choose to use a PokéCommunity Gift Card. Pick by Number and Name.
    If you would like to credit someone else's account, you can ask for a gift donation. Once you've submitted the donation, notify me immediately after. You must link the profile of the member(s) who you'd like the donation to go to. Feel free to split the payment between various accounts (i.e. you've donated $10 and would like $5 to go to yourself and $5 to go to your friend.)

    Please note that there are no refunds on donations.

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    Donate to PokéCommunity in a new way!
    Hello dear Community. With the help of Zenus, and some other community members and the interest and effort of Steve (Rukario), PokéCommunity gained a new way of donation. You are now able to donate to PC easier than ever. All you need is to have money on your SIM card of your mobile phone and the ability to send SMS (;)).

    How it works!
    That's very easy. Just visit this page and scroll down to SMS/Text and Phone Payment (beta). There you click the button "Donate". After that you select your region (in most cases it's auto detected) and the way you want to donate.
    You can choose to donate through phone call or SMS. I think SMS is more easy.

    The SMS Way
    After you clicked SMS, you'll be shown a text and a 4-digit number, which you have to send to a number. Write down the 4-digit number (!!) and the time/date you sent the message. That is needed later on to specify your donation.
    If you did that, you might have to validate your donation by sending another SMS (one of the SMS-cost is the one of your standard tariff, the other is the donation amount). Then you should get a SMS saying that the donation was completed successfully.
    All you have to do then is to write a PM to Rukario where you say that you've just donated per SMS. There you also include the date/time (include your timezone as well) and the 4-digit number. Additionally you can include your mobile phone number as well, while you're x-ing out the last 3 or 4 numbers of your number. So he knows that the doations is from you and can add you to the supporters.

    The Phone Call Way
    No direct information available at the moment, as nobody hast tested it yet
    Note: PM me if you have donated that way and tell me what you've did exactly

    Here I want to thank a few members, making that possible.

    - Zenus For the incredible idea and for searching around to find a nice system
    - Rukario For your effort and interest in this and for implementing this
    - The other 21 poll voters of this thread

    So hopefully this will open many members a new way to donate, who wanted to but just have no PayPal or something.

    Note: Use this service at your own risk only! PC cannot promise a 100% work of this service as it's currently only in testing mode and we have not much experience with it now. PC is not responsable for any problems occuring as the use of this service is voluntary.

    Zenus, Rukario, Youji & the rest of the Community ;)
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