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Dusting Off the Cobwebs


Muddling along somehow
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    Wow... it's been four months since I posted here, and to be completely honest, I'm not surprised. I had a feeling I'd go missing one of these days, and I was running out of things to talk about. So... here I am.

    Time for some updates. If you're one of the ten (maybe?) people who actually remember my stories, then you're probably wondering what happened to my latest project, Bird Made of Ice. Well, it's cancelled for now.

    Allow me to explain: I had a very hard time writing the ending. I knew the ending I had originally planned was going to be complete garbage, but I couldn't think of anything better, so I decided to put it down and get to enjoying my summer for a while before returning to it. After a few months, I finally had my better idea and started working on it... but progress was once again glacial. I knew where and how I wanted my story to end, but it felt like I hadn't gotten there yet. The foundation hadn't been set for the emotional stakes of the ending, and I couldn't make myself work with that. So... what I had envisioned as a 10,000 word max story suddenly turned into a project at least twice as long, and I don't feel like diving into that right now. Instead, I'll return to the regular series I've been working on, starting with wrapping up Through the Darkness, then polishing up and moving forward with Dusk Brawler. I'll get a bit of TtD done tonight... but my progress will be much slower because of some other life changes that happened to me.

    So... before I got sidetracked by fanfic updates, I was planning to update you all on my life. Well, I graduated from UW Madison this spring (It hailed during the ceremony) and then the job search was on in earnest. Then, finally, three weeks ago (yeah, I had really been putting this update off) I got my first job! It ain't glamorous or using my chemistry as much as I'd like, but it's a first step and an extra line on my resume. And my life has been a complete clusterfuck since the day I got that job update. It was something else. "Oh hey, you're hired, and you start next Monday." This call came on Wednesday afternoon. I had five days to get from Chicago to Wisconsin, get a car, get car insurance, and gather everything I'd need for the application process. And my life since then has been one emergency after another, from checks failing to go through to my cellphone not waking me up and arriving an hour late for work (luckily my boss was pretty chill about it and it was a slow day anyways).

    So yeah... I work weekdays from 6:30 to 3:00, and I'm still living with my parents to save up as much money as possible. Luckily, I have several grand squirreled away and more coming in from my job, so should worst come to worst, I'll have at least a year before my money runs out.

    Alright, enough about my life. Here's my game plan.

    • Work on Through the Darkness
    • Throw Bird of Ice in the Shredder and Save the Scraps for Later
    • Get Involved in the Fan-Fic Thread Again (Starting with reviewing the SWCs maybe, wish I was there...) :(
    • GM RWBY Mafia
    • Not Go Crazy

    Aaand... that's everything! If you were expecting more literaryish advice, then you're out of luck, I still got nothing. Hope you enjoyed the blog entry and maybe you're excited for me to return? Maybe?

    lets face it I gots confidence issues and need feedback to validate my existence

    Oh, hang on, I think I just figured out how to change blog categories. Neat! Let's see if it works.