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E3 Thoughts: Microsoft


PSA: Blossom Shower theme is BACK ♥
Part 1: Microsoft
Part 2: Nintendo
Part 3: Sony

My thoughts have to be split into THREE POSTS because I'm so inconcise that the whole thing together is 20465 characters, over twice the 10k limit. :>


I was at work during this. I was debating whether to watch a liveblog or not and I'm glad I'd decided not to since none of the liveblogs would've worked. :P I ended up watching a recording after watching the Ubisoft conference live.

Beatles Rock Band
My dad and brother were still around for this part and my brother didn't know what this was. Dad didn't either but he was... really interested. I know he didn't really click with Guitar Hero 3 when mom got it for him for Christmas last year but he seemed pretty interested in this so... it might get him into games?? :D I hope so! Anyway, this was pretty over the top. XD Nice presentation and all but was it really worth it to fly in Ringo and McCartney for like 5 minutes? @_@;

Tony Hawk Ride
The controller seems... ehhh... Gimmicky. My brother and I got up and were trying to figure out what Hawk was saying about it. "Wait what? How would you grab it?" and humorously (to us at least) flailing around pretending to be on it and bend over with a leg up to do a grab. idk. My brother seemed mildly interested probably for the nostalgia kick (he used to be huuuge into the Tony Hawk games and interest diminished when mom refused to let him actually get into skateboarding irl). I don't really care. Again, was it really necessary to have Tony Hawk himself there? :| I think a video would've sufficed but oh well.

Modern Warfare 2
Oh okay. I got up to make cookies during this. I just saw the opening part with the ice pick or something.

Final Fantasy XIII
Ho hum. I'm really losing interest in XIII since I didn't get a damn demo with ACC (thus I haven't bothered picking it up yet) and it's taking for-freaking-ever to come out. I'm not getting it on 360 anyway. Gameplay was nice. I think they showed a summon? Pretty.

Shadow Complex & Joy Ride
First looks okay. Won't be getting it. Second... okay. Free is good, yay?

Crackdown 2
Looks good but I have no interest. :(

Left 4 Dead 2
I wanted a more creative name. "Left 2 Die" or something like that. It could've been so rad. I still have to play the first. :(

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Ugh I almost skipped ahead during this one. I saw an extended trailer & gameplay in Ubisoft's conference and it was too violent for my tastes. D: I don't like that kind of stuff. Was glad to see the breaking-a-urinal-with-the-guy's-face wasn't included in MS's conference.

Forza Motorsport 3
I skipped this. 8)

Halo 3 ODST
I... don't really care about the Halo series, tbh. I like playing 3 online but I don't care about its plot. Looks... pretty... though?

Halo: Reach
ohay see above. My brother will probably pick up both of these though.

Alan Wake
Looks very interesting! ♥ Will get and promptly put away after the first hour because of being scared.[/prediction] XD;

Dashboard stuff
Last.fm yay! Too bad I only use it to see my own music trends. Netflix, shrug. Not available in Canada. Video marketplace looks interesting. Facebook, okay. Maybe I'll use it? TWITTER YES OH MY GOD YES!

Metal Gear Solid: Rising
While waiting for a recording to surface online, I got spoilt for this. :'( I loved Kojima's entrance though, haha.

This seemed fake all the way through. Like one of those "hey we made a promotional video but... sorry, there's no planned release date for it. still in 'production'." I wasn't buying any of it and I'm still iffy. Especially with Milo. D: It just seems... too advanced? Too scripted? Too much of a jump from current technology? I'm not sure. Guess I'll see what the industry writers who were invited to view Milo behind closed doors say but I just... don't know. D:

As for general Natal opinions, I think it's cool but I'm not sure I'm ready to toss away controllers just yet. I need something tangible to play a game, I think.


Microsoft's conference was very flashy and MS has lots of money. There were only a few times (usually during game trailers!) that I got antsy and bored but overall it was too long and too... I don't know. I was impressed but glad it was over, maybe. All things said, though, I knew it would be hard to top.


Back up, I got a stick!
Oh teh noes! You missed MW2! I'll have to watch this myself on youtube or something like that. But nice job covering all the things.