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E3 Thoughts: Sony


PSA: Blossom Shower theme is BACK ♥
Part 1: Microsoft
Part 2: Nintendo
Part 3: Sony


There were a few things I wanted out of Sony's. It was the last of the big three to present so it seemed like my last chance to see some Assassin's Creed 2 or Bioshock 2 gameplay, and I was also really hoping to see more of Assassin's Creed PSP and Little Big Planet PSP. This conference ended with me feeling very satiated.

PS2/3/P Montage
They did this a lot. Switched to the image projected on the big screen of a PSP or another screen showing short clips of game footage. The stream itself wasn't of great quality so it was hard to make out a lot of things. Factor in the small size and how short the clips were, I ended up not paying attention too much. ><;

Some Stats
"Oh, thank god. I didn't think anyone would show up given the industry's inability to keep things confidential." Aww, poor Sony. :'( Jack went on to talk about how '08 was the PS3's best year ever, '09 will be even better, etc. Kinda boring. I swear to god I really wanted some charts and graphs if it meant they'd do it the same way as last year--having Sackboy run through them was the CUTEST EVER. Did want again! D:

Uncharted 2
I almost want to pick this up for the protagonist! I loved his (few) lines! "Do we have to climb that?" / "Yeah that... happens a lot." (or something like that... I forget exact lines. D8) And there was another line too. The game itself looks great but it also seems like something I'd be bad at. Not sure if I want it. I'll have to look up some more gameplay.

Not too interested.

PSP Stuff
Mentioned Dissidia. It's coming out end of August. Kinda late but I can deal. I've got lots to play this summer anyway. That seems like a good "between classes" game. More importantly---HELL YES ASSASSIN'S CREED: BLOODLINES (PSP) HAS A RELEASE DATE. There were like 5 seconds of footage so I have nooo idea what it's about but. But. It's AC. <33 Also Hannah Montana PSP bundle. Whyyy is the PSP so pretty in that? ;A;'

This was leaked and I wasn't too interested. I'm still not. :( It's cute though! We were joking about the fact that it wasn't built yet since Kaz never slid it open. "He just got a paper version. Origami. Poor guy. :(" Haha, the size seems nice and I hear the analog stick is actually not that bad but it just... I dunno. I'll need something better to actually get me on board. Maybe a Birth By Sleep PSP Go? Hm? Hmmmm? Except that price definitely turns me off. $250. Ick.

Gran Turismo PSP

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Kojima's appearance in Microsoft's keynote was more interesting but oh well. At least he's here! Trailer's lookin' goood. This E3 just reminded me tenfold of the fact that I have to play the rest of the MGS games. I loved the first (even if I SUCK at it) and I wanna get into the series properly. D8 The end of the trailer was... was um. um. what did I even see there?? Apparently the box the two Snakes entered was labeled "Love Pack". LMFAO.

Resident Evil PSP
I don't even remember this showing up during the conference. XD; I... I guess I'd tabbed back over to the 5 Assassin's Creed 2 screens I kept looking at. I have no attention span. I admit it. (Ezio is sexy.)

Little Big Planet PSP
Not much footage but it was there! :DD I know more info should be popping up in the next little bit. Eeeeeeeee!!

More PSP
'Nother montage. Fat Princess PSP? :O A Nintendogs rip-off? Cool beans!

Final Fantasy VII on PSN
...I was expecting them to make a big deal out of this since this is now the only way to legally acquire FF7 without paying an arm and a leg. Turns out they didn't even need to overhype this because of the rest of the keynote but still. Neat that they put it up same day! I'll pick this up but I don't wanna show my brother that it exists since I want my hard copy, damnit. (I did finally talk to mom about it. She said we'd all sit down and berate him about borrowed games or something idk.)

I'm wholly unimpressed with Home. It was too long in the making for too little. It's not entertaining and I just... don't care anymore.

PS3 Game Montage
Lots of stuff whoooo. Wish they'd show something new in Bioshock 2 footage. Saw some LBP in there. o_O; I assume that just means they're still adding content (like the new Disney costumes they mentioned at some point!) but a new game would be kick-ass too!

Assassin's Creed 2
SDFJKSLGJKLDGHJ DFJSKF OMG OMG OMG. ♥ I think I pissed off everyone in the simultaneous group chat we were having as I online!hyperventilated. OMG. :DD I loved the trailer they showed at Ubi's conference but. but. butbutbut gameplay! omg! It looks AMAZING. The atmosphere of Venice was gorgeous. Aaaah I loved the visuals. It looks like a great game. I adore all the ability to sort of hide dead bodies in, well, your typical hiding spots. In the very first scene, Ezio assassinates a passing guard from his bench-spot and switched places, propping him up where he was and quickly moving from the area and up a building. I'll admit da Vinci's flying gadget looks... eh. I could do without it and it just seems a little out of place but who knows. It could be lots of fun!

After Ezio ditches the wings, he's up on a rooftop. Jumps down to a lower roof to assassinate another guard (so cool! ♥) and runs up to two guards chatting (sending birds on his path flying out of his way) and dual-blades both of them. nnnnggggg so awesome! After he dives down into a haystack hiding place, the nearby guard actually notices the sound and walks up to inspect and Ezio stabs him and pulls him into the haystack to hide the body as he steps out. Cue story assassination and subsequent escape. :> We've got smoke balls now (yay!) and he dives into the water. I would've liked to see some swimming footage but it pans up to the logo instead. That's okay. I just. just. fsdkfs;gk I can't WAIT for November 17! (Though I do wish I had more time to enjoy AC2 and AC PSP on their own. XD)

I need to get more information on the connectivity between the PSP and PS3 games. D: I was originally aiming to get AC2 on the 360 but... if it unlocks weapons between the two games to get it on the Sony console, I'll do that. Depends on the weapons, etc. though. Exciting nonetheless. (Watch me just get it on both again, orz.)

Sorry for the fangasm. I revived my adoration for Assassin's Creed by fully completing it earlier this year and was thus faaar more excited for all these recent AC2 revelations than expected. <_<;;

Final Fantasy XIII
New trailer! Chick with pigtails is so cute. ;~; Lightning sounds sufficiently manly for borrowing my namesake. I definitely approve. Lots of CG in this one but I liked it more than the gameplay MS showed. English voice acting sounds only okay.

Final Fantasy XIV
Our group convo was basically just like "O_O WHAT" and I thought it seemed weird that there were no interesting characters or overly flashy cutscenes present in the trailer. We were also rapidly discussing the fact that "oh my god what they can't release this in 2010 it's taken like 400 years just for XIII to get this far" and our confusion was settled when we realized it was an MMO. Cue disappointment. :(

Playstation Motion Controller
All those who did not expect Sony to bring out a motion controller of sorts to compete with everyone else, raise your hands. No one? Good. After Nintendo's success with the Wii remote, everyone wants to copy it and I have no problem with imitation if someone goes above and beyond with their copy. Sony does just that.

They warned the ugly vibrator-looking controller was a very early prototype and set to work showing it off. Actually having someone right there demo-ing it made it more impressive to me than NATAL. At first they showed off how the camera took the image of you and the... stick, and could superimpose an item or weapon over it in real time. We saw it start as a tennis racket while he tried to hit the "tennis ball" bouncing in front of him on the screen. Missed a few times ("This is still hard [in the game]" haha) and then the racket changed to all sorts of things--a baseball bat, a huuuge sword, a stop sign (which was the first thing to hit the ball... "yes!" XD), etc. It was pretty funny to see these goofy items instantly come to life in his hand.

Switch to a (very basically) rendered living room of sorts. There's a TV on the wall and he can see himself in it and he aims a gun around the room, shooting stuff. He switches to a flashlight and shines the light around the room, the shadows reacting perfectly to the beam of light. I think around now it switched to a demo of a basic art program using this. He starts graffiti'ing a wall--writing and showing that the button on the wand can affect how much "paint" is used, pressure and the like. If you switch to the spraypaint, the angle and closeness to the wall affects how the paint shows up on the wall.

Another demo, there are blocks and he can "reach in" and grab them and then build with them in the foreground. They talk over this about the plethora of applications this would have even in hardcore games. They show a dominoes demo where you can place them in whatever fashion you like easily and then just push them down and watch them fall in a typical fashion. Another demo, showing an RTS where you can circle your troops and draw a line... Some of this is nothing the Wii can't already do but it seems fairly polished for a prototype.

Moving on to a demo where you fight things, at the top of (mostly) everyone's minds. They showed a bow and arrow you can use where you even make the motion for pulling an arrow out of your quiver to 'reload'. Throwing knives are there and then it switches to sword and shield and shows that off in perfectly accurate 1/1. It looks great "gameplay"-wise and I can't wait to see what comes of this. :D I've rambled too much (can you tell this excites me? XD) but wooow. Seems lots better than MotionPlus and having something tangible in my hands makes me think I'll warm up to this much easier than NATAL.

ModNation Racers
Our first impression was... not too impressed. One of the big draws of LBP for me, or the original draw at least, was how cute Sackboy is. These characters aren't quite so cute. :c It seemed like a typical kart racer for a while. Seemed like the definitive (read: only) first-party kart racer for PS3 and that's about it. However!

Then they mentioned level creation. Duh, of course they'd have that, I thought, considering they said this was another in the LBP-esque series. They showed off just how easy it was to make new tracks and add detail to it. We were all hooked. Audy was going on about how he needed to get a PS3 and Mork and I were already making plans to play together on launch day. Hopefully I won't be high off my ass for this one's release. XD Everything looks superb for this game. Despite the cartoony characters, the tracks look VERY good and you can customize sooo much of it right down to the height of the sun in the sky and the time of day. I was wow'd.

The Last Guardian
aaaah so pretty! We spent most of the trailer debating the kind of animal featured in the trailer (I say it's a hyena-griffin) while also going "AAAAH SO PRETTY." This just reminded me that I need to play SotC. >_<

I think a short tease for GT5 was shown after this I and didn't pay attention.

God of War 3
At first I couldn't even tell this was gameplay--that's how good it looked. @_@ I'm bad at these games but I appreciate them all the same. I just don't play them. XD; At first while Kratos was beating the crap out of the winged creatures we all went "nooo, poor birdies ;o; Get PETA on the phone!" and then it showed the closeup of one and we saw the fugly and immediately shut up and/or cheered him on. :c

Cue huuuuge boss-looking creature. D8 So scary omg. Kratos doesn't fight it in this demo though. He fights some... horned creature. I thought it was cute but no one agrees with me. :C More violence and it ends with Kratos stabbing <s>Fluffy</s> (okay people will kill me if I name it) the thing in the brain with its own horn. As expected. Apparently this is a short demo and the whole thing is playable on the show floor. I should watch some footage of that, if available.


All in all, Sony topped the show for me. It was a bit boring at first but I was thoroughly impressed as the keynote continued. Mind you most of it is lost in OMGOMG ASSASSIN'S CREED 2 AAAAAH but still.

That's about it. I am well aware I still have a huge Anime North con report to write. ;_;' I should get on that this week orz.

(I may or may not have bumped character limit to 13k to post this. <_<;;)


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You...you could write a story with this blog. xD You do know your facts about this stuff though. Nice blog.
The day they release Gran Turismo PSP is the day I shave my head clean off!!

THEY RELEASED FF7 ON PSN?!!! I must talk to my friend!!!!!

The Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil PSP games, along with God of War III have perked my interests.

Anyway, thanks for your in-depth E3 reports. Nice job.


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omgomgomg uncharted 2 ;]

If you're worried about sucking at UNcharted, I wouldn't, the controls become really simple pretty quickly (b'')b