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[Film] Elemental by Pixar

Reginald Cosmic

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  • Age 26
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Note: I did not post spoilers in this first post because I encourage everyone to support original animation by seeing the film, if they would like to. I'm not going to guilt-trip anyone, but the film is worth seeing if you like PIXAR movies. It's nice to see an original story, and I'm upset it's doing so poorly at the box office. Again, I'm not your dad, but I would recommend giving it a chance at your convenience.

I originally wasn't going to go see Elemental, but then in a stunning turn of events, Twitter users said, "Hey, this movie isn't half-bad" when I checked it out the title on Twitter's trending tab. "Actually, this movie might be fun. I'll go see it after I see Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken."


Then I thought about the box office performance, and I said, "Actually, now that I think about it, it might leave theaters if I wait too long. I better do a double feature on July 1st."


Then I looked at the showtimes on Fandango, and I was like, "You know what? We don't need a double feature. I'll go on Tuesday or Wednesday."

Yeah, it's done super poorly at the box office. Honestly, I agree that the marketing did Elemental dirty, but it's honestly a hard sell because adults keep saying "Animation is a medium for kids," and the film is kind of... Sophisticated? The plot is basic, but the characters were engaging for me. It was a lot more enjoyable with my perspective of "This movie is an extended metaphor for second-generational immigrants keeping in touch with their ancestors' culture but also being their own person(s)," and I liked this experience. Like, when I saw Puss In Boots: The Last Wish in theaters... twice... last winter, it was amazing, but I also felt I appreciated it a lot more because I was a grown-up. It had these elements that were easy for me to make sense of and fall in love with because I'm an adult.

I know this is a fictional film for children, so it's not the same as actually watching a documentary about second-generational immigrants or something like that. I really should look into stories from different cultures sometime. It would make me a more well-rounded person to read some new books anyway.

I would like to emphasize that if you're an adult, and you want plot twists or something out of the movie, it will probably disappoint you. It's 100% about the characters and their emotions, not what's literally happening or what they're literally doing.

Also, the visuals aren't as good as Spider-Verse, but I really liked the visuals. It's a nice looking film.

I'm not giving a score because people love to over-analyze what counts as a 9/10 or whatever, but I recommend giving the film a chance if you have time to catch it while it's in theaters, or even after it arrives on Disney+. I had a great time!