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(EMERALD) Scale EXP Gain by Level (ASM)

  • Age 49
  • Seen Jan 26, 2024
Hey guys so I just finished writing this routine. What it does is change how much EXP you get depending on your Pokemon's Level compared to Opponent's Level. Specifically, for every 1 level difference, EXP will go up or down by about 13%. Increase is uncapped, decreased is capped at 65%. Example: 100 exp gained for beating a lv 15 with a lv 10 will become ~162 Exp with this mod.

The Assembled Routine is ... (Disassembled at bottom)

10 88 F8 B4 00 25 14 4B 1B 78 64 26 73 43 13 4C 1B 19 54 33 1B 78 12 4C 24 78 74 43 11 4D 64 19 54 34 24 78 A3 42 11 D0 A3 42 05 D5 E3 1A 05 1C ED 08 6B 43 C0 18 09 E0 1B 1B 05 2B 04 D5 05 1C ED 08 6B 43 C0 1A 01 E0 05 23 F8 E7 F8 BC 08 60 89 46 05 48 00 47 00 00 20 00 04 02 EC 44 02 02 70 40 02 02 44 47 02 02 6B A6 04 08

Open Emerald Rom in HxD, and add the above code in free space (bytes FF) in HxD. Write down the offset you added it. I added mine to 0x00EB3000

Now to hook the routine and make it run, in HxD, now goto 0004A644 (This is our Hook Offset). At this offset, add in the code below.

00 48 00 47 (XX XX XX XX)

Replace the XX's with a POINTER made from the offset you added the first code at (must turn offset into pointer).

So mine looks like this.
00 48 00 47 01 30 EB 08

To make the Pointer, take your offset (mine was 00EB3000), replace the first 0 byte to 08 (signifies Rom Memory) , add a 1 to the last byte, and then write the 4 bytes in reverse. Look below to see exactly how.

1st step
00 EB 30 00

2nd step
08 EB 30 00

3rd step
08 EB 30 01

Final step, reverse the bytes
01 30 EB 08

And that is it. I just made this, tested it out and everything seems to be working in good order so far. There's a chance an error could come up in the math, like a exp value that is way bigger than it should be but i dont think so. Sorry if i didnt format this post that great, I don't post much lol. Any questions lemme know! Enjoy ! (Disassembled code below)


LDRH R0, [R2]
PUSH {R3-R7}
MOV R5, #0
LDR R3, = 0x02040020   @Current Player Pokemon Slot 
LDRB R3, [R3]
MOV R6, #0x64
MUL R3, R6
LDR R4, = 0x020244EC   @Player Party Pokemon Data
ADD R3, R3, R4
ADD R3, #0x54            @Adds offset for Level Data
LDRB R3, [R3]
LDR R4, = 0x02024070   @Current ENEMY Pokemon Slot
LDRB R4, [R4]
MUL R4, R6
LDR R5, = 0x02024744   @ENEMY Party Pokemon Data
ADD R4, R4, R5
ADD R4, #0x54
LDRB R4, [R4]
CMP R3, R4
CMP R3, R4
SUB R3, R4, R3
MOV R5, R0
LSR R5, #0x3
MUL R3, R3, R5
ADD R0, R0, R3

SUB R3, R3, R4
CMP R3, #0x5

MOV R5, R0
LSR R5, #0x3
MUL R3, R3, R5
SUB R0, R0, R3

MOV R3, #0x5

POP {R3-R7}
STR R0, [R1]
MOV R9, R1
LDR R0, = 0x0804A66A+1
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