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Equal Censorship (Rant)

Desert Stream~

Holy Kipper!
  • Age 34
  • Seen Aug 20, 2023
If there's one thing that makes me want to kill myself, it's my brother censorship.

Censorship is, in most cases, unnecessary. I've been to casinos. I'm not addicted to gambling. I've played Poker. I've never bet money in my life. I just do it for fun. Heck, arcades are literally casinos for kids.

I've seen people in bathing suits. Heck, I've seen people without bathing suits O_o It hasn't affected my life in any way. Unless you live in like, the desert (and even then, I'm sure people have pools), you'll be hard pressed to find someone who's never seen someone in a bathing suit.

I've seen violence. I've seen blood. I'm not a serial killer. I try to avoid hurting anything as much as possible.

I'm not the same person that I was when I started playing video games. But I'm certainly not a worse person. If anything, I've grown and matured. I was legit racist until the age of like, 6 when I played oblivion and made a character for every race and found out that the weird ones were some of the most powerful.

Honestly, people care too much about ratings, and the ratings system as a whole should be abandoned imo.
Let's take a look at some:
Oblivion: M

Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol

And then you have Senran Kagura Burst: T

Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity, Language, Use of Alcohol

Now the oblivion rating is very incorrect, first of all. Sure, there's blood and gore, but it's not that much compared to a game like Uncharted. And I'm not sure what makes the violence "intense" either. Aside from a book in the game, (true TES fans know what I'm talking about ;) ) there aren't really any sexual themes. I mean, you can see your character in their underwear, but that's it. The use of alcohol part is correct, but again, you probably see your parents drinking it. What's the difference? They missed out on the Language and drug use, which are certainly more prevalent then the "sexual themes".

Then there's senran kagura. I'm gonna keep this brief. I didn't think games like this were even allowed in the US. And it's rated T. Now I commend this company. They do what they want. They don't care about the rating. And it's a hugely popular series.

Now, onto the final point:
I wouldn't care as much if censorship was fair. But it's not. The difference between a japaneese game and an english game isn't just the language, and that's a bad thing. We're segregated because of where we live. Of course, for some of us, where we live is a choice. But for others, like me, we have no control over where we live. I would do anything to move to japan, but I can't. So I get a product that's been tampered with. Why should we be treated different? What is it that makes someone from one part of the world "more mature" then a person from another part? How can you say that everyone is equal when we clearly aren't treated that way? If you're gonna censor something here, censor it everywhere. I'm tired of being treated like I'm somehow inferior by these companies.

Now not all censorship is bad. FE fates for example, that was kinda messed up. But again, it has to be the same everywhere.