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[Pokémon] Fact-checking the pokédex with Gardevoir [Complete]

  • Hello everyone! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, going for something new! What could it be, you may ask ?

    *Shows a pokédex.*
    You already know pokédexes have a lot of things to say about pokemon everywhere! But I recently have overheard one presenting unverified stuff! Turns out pokédexes are filled with unverified and vague stuff... Unacceptable! That's why I have decided to find out the truth about them, with YOU! Let's start in Lavaridge, with the fiery, winged dragon, Charizard!

    *Walks towards said nearby Charizard.*
    Hello, my good friend, there is something I would like to ask you! You see, this pokédex, here, says that you can spit fire hot enough to melt boulders! Can Charizards really do that ?

    *Charizard growls.*
    ... Not that I have any doubt about you being able to do that, but would you please breathe fire on this boulder right here, and prove this to be true to our faithful audience ?
    *It uses Flamethrower... But not at the boulder.*

    *Drops the microphone and runs around, flailing in panic.*

    *Runs away from the camera. The camera cuts, then switches back on after a short while, showing Lavaridge's pool.*
    ... Well this certainly derailed... I will have to thank whoever keeps this pool open. See you next time, same hour, everyone, for new adventures. Stay tuned.

    Cut now, please...
    *The camera cuts.*
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  • Hello! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job! Now, our first attempt at fact-checking didn't go as planned, but don't you worry, no fiery fire type this time!
    Today, we are at Mount Chimney, to find out if Graveler, as the pokédex says, truly roll over any obstacle as they move down mountain trails!

    *A rumbling sound is heard, getting louder.*
    ... Oh! Here is one, rolling down the slope, over here!

    *The camera turns left and follows a Graveler rolling down.*
    Well, this one didn't encounter any significant obstacle on its path. But luck comes to those who look after it! Let's look for another!

    *Walks forward, past a large boulder, followed by camera, when more rumbling starts.*
    Another one, getting closer! ... Yes! It's moving towards this big boulder right there! Will it just blow its way through it? No way we'll miss that!
    Waaait for it...

    *Graveler hits the boulder and bounces in the air, to its left.*
    Are you KIDDIN-
    *Disappears when the rock type pokemon lands on her before continuing down the mountain.*

    *The camera moves closer and tilts downwards, showing the new hole and a dirt covered, stunned Gardevoir laying still on her back, her eyes staring at the sky. After a few seconds of indecision, the camera cuts.*
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  • Hello, everyone! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job! Today, we are entering the power plant under New Mauville, for some Electric type pokémon entries' fact-checking!

    *Steps into the power plant, and forward into another room. This one is plunged in darkness.*
    ... Are the lights supposed to be switched off in there ? I can barely see my microphone! I- Oh!
    *Stumbles against a large, round form in the dark.*
    "I'm fine! Don't you worry, I have just what we need in this darkness!
    *Uses Flash!*

    There! Isn't it better?
    *One Electrode is revealed in the room. The accidental collision must have interrupted its slumber.*
    Look! An Electrode! I think this was what I stumbled against... My apologies!
    *Opens her pokédex.*
    Let's have a look at its entry.

    *Doesn't seem to notice it starts producing sparks.*
    It says Electrodes have a tendancy to Self-Destruct at the slightest shock!
    *The camera shows a flash of light and a loud explosion can be heard just as the signal is lost.*
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  • Hello! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job! Today, we are at Lilycove's Beach with a Slowbro!
    *The camera shows a Slowbro, relaxing on the sand.*
    This time, we have nice and calm Pokemon, a blue sky, the waves' relaxing sound... no fire, no crushing, no explosion, no angry Pokemon ...
    So! The Pokédex says that if the Shellder lets go of Slowbro's tail, it will turn back into a Slowpoke. How about we find out if it's true ?

    *Walks closer to the Slowbro.*
    Hello good sirs, do you mind if we take a moment to find out if the Pokédex's entry about your species is right or wrong ?
    It seems that you, Slowbro, can turn back into a Slowpoke if the Shellder here frees your tail.

    You two can get back together and evolve again right after we are done, assuming you truly switch back to your pre-evolutions, no worries!
    ... Hello ?

    *Slowbro looks at her.*
    "... Slowbro ?"
    So, would you like to show us ?
    ... Slowbro ? ... Shellder ?
    "... Slowbro ?"
    The Shellder ? On your tail ? Would you kindly let it go ? Just a moment ?

    ... Or you, Shellder ? Could you, please, release this Slowbro's tail for a bit ? ... Pretty please ?
    "... Slowbro ?"
    *Her left eye twitches.*

    *Half an hour later...
    Slowbro looks at the Shellder on its tail.*
    "... Slowbro ?"
    YES! Yes! This Shellder! Can you make it release your tail !?
    *Slowbro looks back at her.*
    "... Slowbro ?"

    *Psychic energy seems to build up.*
    "... Slowbro ?"

    *Drops her microphone, then grabs the Slowbro's tail and the Shellder with her hands as nearby, concerned looking people intervene to try calming and separating the irate Gardevoir from the other Pokemon.*
    "... Slooooooooooo..."
    *The pokémon are soon hidden from the camera as a crowd forms around the scene. The camera then cuts.*
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  • Hello! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job after a Calm Mind session! Today, we will conduct an experiment in this cozy garden, with this cute Zigzagoon right there. Say hello, dear.
    *The Zigzagoon hops twice in excitation.*

    Good! Now, not to keep you waiting, this won't be live, so that we can skip between the interesting moments!
    We will see if, as the pokédex says, Zigzagoon can retrieve any specific lost item. I have had, for this experiment, my faithful cameraman hide a certain number of various items in the garden beforehand, and our Zigzagoon will have to bring a pokéball back to me. Is that okay, Zigzagoon ? A pokéball, nothing too complicated! And when you have found it, I will give you a Sweet Heart!

    *The small pokemon hops again, then darts away excitedly to begin the search.*
    Enthusiastic, isn't it ? Now let's wait for its return.
    *Zigzagoon comes back carrying a round item in its mouth.*
    A Loveball ? Eh, close enough. Just drop it here and try again, Zigzagoon. Remember, you have to find a pokéball. Round, white and red.
    *The little pokemon darts away once more.*
    "... Zigza ?"
    No, this is a Thick Bone. White, but not round, and no red on it. Go again please.
    "... Goon ?"
    Sorry, but this is a Destiny Knot, there is no white on it. Try again. I know you can do it!
    "... Zagzi ?"
    Almost there, but this is a bit too big for a pok... a VOLTORB ? WHERE DID YOU EVEN-
    *Stops herself in alarm. The Voltorb didn't appreciate being treated like this and starts sparking.*
    *Uses Hypnosis quickly and puts the Voltorb to sleep in time.*
    ... Crisis adverted... Just leave it here for now, better not to risk waking it up. Come on, Zigzagoon, you can do it! I believe in you!
    *Uses once more Calm Mind.*
    "... Zig ?"
    Zigzagoon, you... have found it!
    *Pets the small pokémon with a relieved smile.*
    Here, have your chocolate! ... Thank you, Zigzagoon.
    *Looks back at the camera with a smile as Zigzagoon happily devours the Sweet Heart.*
    We can thus confirm the pokédex speaks truth! Zigzagoon can find any lost item! And that's it for today, everyone! See you next time, same hour, for our next adventure! Stay tuned!
    *Briefly eyes her cameraman.*
    ... What do you mean, the pokéball was the last item left to be found ? NOT IMPORTANT! Bye-everyone!
    *Shows a strained smile as she waves bye at the camera, before it cuts.*
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  • Hello, everyone! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job! Today, we have a very special guest for our fact checking show! A guest I happened to meet, through sheer luck, while travelling through Route 103, on the way to Oldale Town!

    *Latios appears before the camera and nods in greeting.*
    Hello, Latios! We are honoured and grateful that you have accepted to help us fact checking your pokédex's entry! According to it, you can fly faster than a jet plane.
    Knowing a jet plane can reach 925 kilometers per hour, this would certainly be impressive to watch!

    Now, let me explain to our audience what we are going to do.
    *Looks at the camera.*
    We have brought this speed detector device, right there...
    *Points at said device, firmly riveted to the ground on the side of the path.*
    ... to measure Latios' flight speed as he flies past it. Latios will fly away, at first, to gather speed, and then, come back as fast as he can.
    The detector will emit an audible signal if he exceeds the set maximum speed of a jet plane!
    This certainly will be a show we won't forget! Let's prepare!

    *Moves with the camera to the other side as Latios flies away.*
    There, the perfect spot to watch him come in and fly in front of our detector. Are you excited ? I sure am!
    A show with a legendary pokemon! Now that is rare! At the beginning, I did check some other legendaries' entries in the pokedex, but they were not exactly verifiable... Did I tell you about Mew's?
    I quote : When viewed through a microscope, this Pokémon's short, fine, delicate hair can be seen.
    ... Really ? Even granted we could meet this unique - and cute - pokemon around a corner, how exactly would we view their hair through a microscope ?
    Or even find a strand of their hair somewhere, which we couldn't spot anyway without a microscope ? ... Who wrote this entry, seriously ?

    Back on today's topic, look up there! Latios is coming back, and fast! Brace yourselves!
    *The camera turns to show a dot in the sky, quickly closing in, with a powerful sound, growing louder each second. In the blink of an eye, Latios darts in front of the speed detector device, making it signal a higher speed.
    The camera shakes a bit due to the strong wind following Latios.*
    SUCCESS! Latios has proven being able to fly faster than a jet plaaaaaaAAAAAAAA...
    *An enthusiastic but unwary Gardevoir, on the other hand, is whisked off the ground and sent flying, before disappearing from view behind several trees.*

    *The camera moves past the trees until she's spotted, hanging from a branch with both hands, covered in tree sap and leaves, her expression flat.
    She lets herself land on the grass before attempting to get rid of the sap and leaves, using her hands, then her psychic powers. In vain.
    She grunts in frustration before looking back at the camera with a strained smile and points an arm towards the main path.*

    *Picks up the fallen microphone between a tree's roots on the way back, before reuniting with Latios on the path. The legendary pokemon looks puzzled and a silent but brief conversation seems to occur between Gardevoir and him. She then turns to the camera, with a genuine smile this time.*
    As I was saying, we can confirm Latios flies faster than a jet plane! Thank you again, Latios, for your help! And that's it for today. See you next time, same hour, for our next adventure! Stay tuned!
    *Latios nods towards the camera, before it cuts.*
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  • Hello, everyone! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job!
    *Wears, for this occasion, a headset with a small microphone.*
    To continue with fact checking the pokédex entries, we are now on a trip in Sinnoh's region, filled with many new pokémon to discover! Today, we are on Route 205 near the lovely Floaroma Town, to check the entry of Yanmega, one of the fastest Bug type pokémon!
    *A Yanmega lands next to Gardevoir, carrying a chair in a net tied to its thorax. It buzzes in greetings.*

    This fast flyer, as its entry says, can carry an average adult human in the air. To find out if that's true, I will sit in this chair, made for this occasion so that our combined weight equals a human's average weight. This will be wild!
    *Sits in the chair and firmly grabs the ropes with both hands, clear excitation on her face.*
    Now, don't you worry, in case I accidentally fall, I am prepared to use my psychic powers for a safe landing! All right, Yanmega, we can go when you are ready!
    *The Yanmega nods before taking flight in an impressive acceleration.*

    *The camera follows the scene as the Bug type pokémon flies above the path, expertly taking sharp turns.*
    Woah! You are really good at this, Yanmega! Your agility rivals your strength, no doubt about this!
    *The Yanmega a continues showing off with pride for a while.*

    Woooh! Hehe... If this isn't... great flying skill... I... I feel... not good...
    *Growing dizzy as the Bug type pokémon keeps going, she lets go of the ropes and falls. The flying pokémon realizes something is off, too late. When the camera moves closer, Yanmega has landed, looking down with concern. Gardevoir is lying there on her back, in a daze, with a smile and spiral eyes while sputtering slurred words. A bump on her head confirms that her landing didn't go as well as planned.*

    ... Aaam alright... yeeees... Sooo... poooké.... pooo... reeed thingy... was riiight... Yanmeee.... Meeega... fly... yoooman... in the skyyy...
    Aaan... thatzzzit for... huuuh... Seee yooo... yesteeer...morrooow... Staaaaay tuuuuuund... eveeerthin... spinniiin... sooo many... staaars...

    *The Yanmega looks up at the camera, head tilted, before the camera cuts.*
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  • Hello! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job! Tonight, we are in Kalos' Lost Hotel...
    *The camera moves around to show a nicely decorated hotel room.*
    Why such a name, you may ask ?
    Well, you see, this hotel has the reputation...

    *The light seems to flicker as she takes a spooky tone.*
    ... of being haunted! We have set our sight on Gourgeist. In the darkness of a new-moon night, Gourgeist will come knocking. Whoever answers the door will be swept off to the afterlife...

    *Her expression shifts to an excited one.*
    Is this just a scary story told around a campfire for fun, or could it be true ? This is what we are going to find out together!
    So! In this new-moon night, this hotel seems to be just the place to meet a Gourgeist. The hotel's owner, Mr Weston, generously allowed us to do this investigation in his property. What a charming man!

    *She moves in front of the closed door.*
    Now, all we have to do is wait for a Gourgeist to come and knock... I will get back to you as soon as it happens!

    *The screen shows the "One hour later..." message, before showing Gardevoir again.
    Knock knock knock!*
    Ooooh, did you hear this ? Let's go who is there!
    *She excitedly moves to the door and opens it.*
    ... Odd. Noone is there...
    "Pawniard ?"
    *The camera leans down to show a Pawniard.*
    Oh! Sorry, I didn't see you!
    *It looks up at Gardevoir expectantly, pointing at its belly.*
    "Are you hungry ? Here, have a Lava Cookie!
    *She grabs a Lava Cookie from her belongings and gives it to a happy Pawniard, which walks away while munching its sweet.*
    Good night, Pawniard! Ok, the night has just started, so we still have more than enough time for our Gourgeist to arrive!
    *She closes the door.*

    *Two hours later...
    Knock knock!*
    Someone is knocking! Maybe that's it this time!
    *She opens a door, revealing a Rotom in Wash form.*
    "Rotom ?"
    ... Hello, Rotom, and thank you, but we don't need to wash our clothes, or anything, at the moment.
    "Roto! Tom tom!"
    Good night to you too!

    *Half an hour later...
    Knock knock!*
    Hello ?
    *A Gallade stands there, holding out a bouquet of flowers.*
    "Gallade ?"
    ... No, mister. I already told you ten times in the last week that I was NOT interested. Following me and trying again and again to offer me flowers is NOT going to work. Good night to you!
    *A flustered Gardevoir closes the door, a bit forcefully this time. She then looks at the camera and forces herself to smile.*
    ... Let's move on!

    *Another half an hour later...
    Hello ?
    "... Slowbro ?"
    ... NOT YOOOU!
    *She closes the door with a flustered face.*
    Nothing happened! No! Just a dream! Moving on!

    *Ten minutes later...
    A growingly tired Gardevoir opens the door.*
    *She slams the door closed and lays her back on it, gasping. Regaining her composure after a moment, she wearily beckons to stop filming.

    Two minutes later...
    Knock knock!
    She starts opening the door.*
    Maybe luck will be with-
    *A flock of Murkrow stands there, croaking threateningly, as if expecting something.*
    ... No! We will NOT give you any money-
    *The bird pokémon invade the room, seemingly intending to steal everything of value.*
    ... That's IT!!!
    *The camera shows a wrathful Gardevoir go all out in a chaotic scene filled with Dazzling Gleams, Thunder Punches, alarmed croaking and flying black feathers.

    One minute later, the camera shows a room in significant disarray, littered with feathers and knock-outed Murkrows. A seething Psychic and Fairy type stands in the middle.*
    "... Gourgeist ?"
    *A pumpkin-like pokémon stands at the door with a puzzled look. Gardevoir suddently turns on it with a glare.*
    WHAT ? Have you come to sweep me in the afterlife ? Huh!? Or were you hoping to scare us with your glowing face!? Well, you have another thing COMING!

    *The Gourgeist, whatever it wanted, wisely chooses to flee. Still glowering, Gardevoir turns to the cameraman.*
    "... Just CUT!"
    *The camera does just that.*
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  • Hello! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, back on the job!
    *The camera, slightly moving up and down as if it was floating, shows a Gardevoir in explorer, light brown coloured suit and hat, and equipped with various items such as a microphone headset, an Escape Rope, a belt with Smoke Balls and night vision goggles, ... They stand in an immense room with pristine white walls and a ceiling made of glass, allowing the sun to shine on an indoors garden. White catwalks are spread in the room, for people to cross it easily and observe the various pokémon in the garden without bothering them.

    Gardevoir and the camera are at ground level, with vegetation partly concealing them from the catwalks.*
    First of all, I would like to apologize for my outburst in Kalos' Lost Hotel...
    *She smiles sheepishly.*
    I also may have treated my cameraman a bit unfairly, but I made amend by paying him a meal in Restaurant Le Wow!

    So! Today, we are in Aether Paradise, Alola, where we will check the pokédex entries of several pokémon of a very special kind!
    They are called Ultra Beasts, and there are rumors about some wandering here in this garden!

    *She turns her head towards the nearest catwalk as an Aether staff member crosses it, before lowering herself behind a bush. She takes a hushed tone.*
    I haven't been able to obtain a clearance to enter this complex, but I thankfully managed to "convince" a boat owner to get me in!
    That is why we need to be discreet, and why I wear this equipment, which looks good on me if I do say so!

    *She chuckles before pointing at the camera.*
    This also why I borrowed the services of this nice Rotom-Camera - Rotomera for short - which kindly agreed to help me in this investigation!
    "Bzzzzt! Hello everyone!"
    So, let's go find one of these Ultra Beasts!
    *She walks as silently as she can through the trees, followed by "Rotomera". After a moment, as they move under sunlight, the Ghost type pokémon halts and points towards Gardevoir's shadow, which seems to behave oddly.*

    *She stops and turns around, puzzled.*
    Yes ? What is... oh ?
    *For some reason, her shadow has started... dancing ?*
    Err... shadow of mine ? What is wrong with you ? I don't think now is the best time... to...
    *Now, the shadow is apparently pointing at her accusingly, as if berating her.*
    Why you -
    *A slightly frustrated Gardevoir attempts to grab it, but the pokémon who was hiding there suddenly slides out and runs away.*

    Oh! It is one! Rotomera! Follow me!
    *The two start chasing the small pokémon through trees and bushes, but it proves to be quite fast despite its short legs.*
    I've lost it! Do you see it ?
    Great! After it!


    This way!


    To the right!
    No, the other right!


    Come on! We can't lose it!
    ... Since when are you two following us ?


    Keep up, I think we are gaining on it!
    *The befuddled duo stops running and turns around to realize Marshadow was running after them.*
    ... How... nevermind.
    *It runs away again, the two other pokémon in hot pursuit.*


    Behind these bushes!
    *She rushes headfirst past the bushes. ... BAM!

    Rotomera follows to find a standing but dizzy Gardevoir, stopped in her tracks by... a wall ?*
    Oooow... what the...
    *Thankfully, her hat cushioned the impact, and Gardevoir quickly recovers before staring at the wall-like pokémon.*
    ... Well, it looks like we have found another. Let's forget this little jester. Sorry, Mister, I didn't mean to bump into you.
    If it's alright, I would like to check your Pokédex... entry ?

    *The brick-like pokémon turns its numerous blue eyes towards Rotomera and her questioningly.*
    Oooh. You are... one of a kind, that is certain.
    *Gardevoir smiles to try and hide her uncertainty, then points her pokédex.*
    "Stakataka : It appeared from an Ultra Wormhole. Each one appears to be made up of many life-forms stacked one on top of each other."
    Fascinating! You are made of many little pokémon, then ? The pokémon like you are quite rare! One of them, Zygarde, is even a legendary!
    So, what is it like where you come from ?

    Hello ?
    *The Stakataka heavily steps to the side, revealing several Aether staff members, and a blonde woman with long hair hiding half of her face. All of them staring at Gardevoir and Rotomera, their eyes wide open. The silence is broken after a few seconds by an awkwardly smiling Gardevoir.*

    Err... What is up ?
    *The woman, who happens to be the President of Aether Foundation, turns to her staff.*
    "Can one of you tell me what a Gardevoir is doing here and why it is wearing clothes ?
    *Before any of the clueless staff members can think of an acceptable answer, a now indignant Gardevoir steps forward, followed by Rotomera.*
    Hey! I will have you know I am not an 'it', but a 'she'! My name is Fact Checking Gardevoir and I am here on a mission!
    *Lusamine turns back at the psychic type pokémon, frowning.*
    "And just what is this mission ?"

    *Gardevoir takes a theatrical pose.*
    Know that it's a fact!
    And make it exact!
    To protect the world from manipulation!
    To unite all peoples and pokémon with verified information!
    To denounce the evils of rumors and lies!
    To extend our reach to all regions and skies!
    Fact Checking Gardevoir!
    The truth blasts off at the speed of light!
    Open up your eyes now, or prepare to fight!

    "... Okay. That is great, but this complex has been closed to visitors under my orders, for I am Lusamine, President of Aether Foundation. I don't believe you have a pass, which means you are trespassing."

    I am no mere visitor, President Lusamine. Didn't you hear what I just said before ? I am Fact Checking Gardevoir, renowned in all of Hoenn and beyond!
    "... I am sorry, Miss Fact, but I have never heard this name. This doesn't matter. I will have to ask you to leave."
    What... Miss Fact... That is not - My name is Fact. Checking. Gardevoir. I have come all the way here to let the world know more about the Ultra Beasts, and I am not going to leave empty-handed!
    *Gardevoir and Lusamine are now frowning at each other, neither willing to budge, as the staff members, Rotomera, the Stakataka and the Marshadow sitting on its top are watching the rising confrontation.*
    "Please, Miss Fact, I do not want to have to call my pokémon to lead you out of our property."
    My NAME IS - forget it. I have thousands and thousands of people watching me on TV! Do you have any idea of what I could tell them about you and your organisation ? Your shady organisation who seems to hide its experiments and projects from the masses! Do you have something to hide here ?

    "I don't know what you are talking about. Aether Paradise is currently closed because we are attempting to make the Ultra Beasts accustomed to our world, and the other way around, for them to live in peace with humans and pokémon! This is a delicate operation, which is why we don't want any disturbance from outside. Therefore, I am asking you, one last time, to leave."
    And I insist NOT to leave. You should better let me interview this Stakataka about the world it came from, or do you want me to tell the audience about how you endangered Alola by making Ultra Beasts appear everywhere, hmm?
    "... This 'interview' is over."

    *Lusamine calls her Salazzle and Milotic.*
    "Please, could you guide Miss Fact outside ?"
    *The two pokémon comply and gently but firmly push Gardevoir away.*
    No! Unhand me, you ruffians! The Pokémon Protection Agency will hear of this! I will sue you for such unbecoming mistreatment!
    *Gardevoir's voice fades as she is led outside. The hesitant Rotomera hovers there a moment, but a look from Lusamine convinces it to turn and follow Gardevoir. With her being unable to conclude, it plays a recorded message for the audience to hear.*
    "Bzzzt! And that's it for today, everyone! See you next time, same hour, for our next adventure! Stay tuned!"
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