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Feelin' like uncle Ted...

  • Age 29
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The removal of the GTS and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race. I remember back in the the day when X and Y released as the first (mainline) Pokémon games in 3D and how they managed to entice me to fully complete the pokédex. Oh how it easy it was to just leave a pokémon floating in the cloud while specifically requesting for another so version exclusives became a total non-issue. Yes, little Timmy would still upload a Rattata and ask for Mew, a Deoxys or Arceus but those idiots were laughed off as no one would take them seriously. Oh how painful it is to go back to an "old" Pokémon game (AKA anything that isn't the brand-new titles) and trying to complete the dex in those. Fruitlessly searching in forums for good samaritans willing to help with specific trades but there's barely a soul there, so you get anxious and start looking for total strangers. No, mister faceless, I don't want to trade legendaries, I just want dex completion. Sure Hackerman64, you're so cool for having all of those illegal shiny mons at your disposal, but I'm sure you have a Luna- he disconected. I guess I'll try my luck with the raids. No, I don't want to raid for gigantamax forms, yup that's the twentieth Noctowl raid you've shown me in a row, perhaps I'm not interested? Oh look, a silhouette of a mon I need and isn't in my game! ...it has a lock and thus I can't enter. Oh, one without lock. The room's already full? Oh so now in online raids mons can escape from the ball? How greeeeeeaaaaat.... Let's see if there online codes for specific trades. Lucky me there are! *Seven hours later* I guess I should've figured that not a single soul in this planet is using those codes now.

In all seriousness, I don't think SwSh are leaving my shitlist anytime soon. For as flawed as SV is they at least try new things and are the only games I've felt like the anime protag, so basically what SM and USUM tried to do, but now actually good without a million cutscenes. The search for a galarian shiny charm might be my first mistake of 2024. I wonder how GameFreak do this silly little dance of adding some very cool and nice feature but can't help themselves and have to also remove a previous cool and good feature so we can't get a good mainline Pokémon game that has everything good it's like they want each and every game to fit the "[Nice thing] but [bad thing]" meme format. So you get "Fully open world exploration and easiest way to make competitive mons but chugging framerate and the worst optimization you've ever seen", "Best gen for trading bar none but the game's piss easy for little babies and to top it all of it's based in France", "Biggest leap in graphics but you can't bring your friends from Kanto and Johto", "Cool new evos for old mons but pretty much everything else sucks", "We started the franchise but this game is held together by spit and computer wizardry and might be confused for a Bethesda game", "You go back to Kanto but we'll hit you with the worst pacing you've ever seen", "Peak character customization and the singular most unique setting we've ever had (literally spicier and more fleshed-out Hoenn) but we'll bore you to tears with a story about aliens in legally distinct Hawaii", "Gameplay and story perfected but you can only use brand new mons mostly made to honor previously existing ones". Am I crazy or do the people behind Pokémon seem alergic to the idea of making an almost perfect Pokémon game? I might've chuckled at how terrible BDSP were since I'm a known Gen4 detractor but with the other outing on the Switch being yet another Kanto remake with GO mechanics... I'd say the Pokémon output on the Switch has been a mixed bag of barf with a few golden nuggets thrown in there. Those clearly being my enjoyment of SV even if it barely feels like Pokémon's Spain, the school outfits are pure cringe that gut the customization and the game doesn't feel fully baked even after the epilogue but that's a recurring theme recently. And again, if SV doesn't lure you into playing competitive with how easy it is to fix a mon's flaws and make it viable I can only think you need all of PKHex's option baked inside a mainline game. If only we went back to 3DS online (minus the Alola debacle of the plaza that was atrocious), perhaps catching them all wouldn't drive me insane.