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Completed Event Final Fantasy XIV Glam Contest


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FFXIV Glamour Contest

MSQ tiring you out? Raids becoming a nightmare because your Healers are always trying to out-DPS you? Need a break from your retainers bringing you crystals? Look no further than this fun FFXIV Glamour Contest!

That's right, in this event rather than slaying great bosses or raiding huge dungeons, your task is coming up with most bedazzling outfit that Eorzea has laid eyes on! Or spooky, or cute or even outright weird and wonderful.

For this year's theme, we're going to be trying something different.

From swimsuits to an armour, your glamour can be anything you want it to be as long as you have any item that says Caligae on it! ReShade and other shaders can be used to improve shadows and such if you so with to use them, they will not hold a huge sway when it comes to the decision-making so should not be a hugely unfair advantage.

Points will be as follows:

  • Participating in the Event - 5 Points
  • 3rd Place - 10 Points
  • 2nd Place - 25 Points
  • 1st Place - 50 Points

I will not be judging based solely on how much, how rare or how expensive your glamour was. If it looks good, I'll be rating it highly and that's that! This is to ensure that the event is as accessible as possible, by trying to accommodate players at all points of their FFXIV playthrough!

Need some inspiration? See some outfits below from our winners last year:

PM your submissions (both the screenshots and the Caligae you've used; can be more than one image if you so desire!) either on here or on Discord (fafrir). Deadline to submit is August 26th at 12 AM EST!
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PSA: Blossom Shower theme is BACK ♥
:] Sent mine in. I know I whined at first but I liked the challenge of designing a glam around a very specific subset of items.


[b][color=#1acc14]Queen of Dragons[/color][/b]
FFXIV Glamour Contest - Results

With the submissions closed and the judging concluding from myself and Aaron, it's time to see all the glamour you have submitted. Let me tell you, it was a tough decision as everyone did well to integrate the Caligae and I wish everyone got first. I'm proud of you all. ;]

Flying into this contest, we have Erica with her wind Valkyrie outfit! With Garuda on her side, she is sporting Republican Eques's Caligae with a green colour scheme! The shoes compliment the head piece to give the glamour a sense of balance. Did I mention it's GREEN?
Spoiler: bonus pic

"Time for a summer vacation!" Says Annibel Luna after having to toss out a wedding ring after getting the items from the ceremony. Leaning onto a cooler colour scheme using Hard Leather Caligae to match one of the flowers, this glamour uses multiple colours to its advantage, which no colour feels like it's overpowering one another. They all feel harmonious.
Spoiler: bonus pics




This glamour from pro gamer Lozz enters the competition with a stunning pink Songbird dress and rocking Classical Signifer's Caligae, also in pink! Using the dress with black to complement the undyeable part of the shoes is a smart idea and I also love how the white fits well with it too. Overall, excellent glamour!
Spoiler: bonus pics




A newcomer to the FF14 Glam Contest but no stranger in FF14 itself comes Jess with an earthly palette glamour. She has also decided to use the humble Hard Leather Caligae and has equipped a torso with a bunch of straps, adding to the flow of the caligae. I also like how the pants used give an illusion of a bigger caligae.

Without further adieu, here are the results!
  • 3rd Place - Jess - 10 Points
  • 1st Place - Sammi and Cherrim - 50 Points

For the first time, there is a tie! Congratulations to Sammi of Team Gears and Cherrim from Team Apricorns for both winning this FF14 Glamour Contest! I hope you all had fun with it and I also hope you enjoyed the "Fashion Report" aspect of it!

I'll end this thread with Rashavenir in her Moonfire Caligae: