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Final Flames


Lyn-The bad fan-fic writer
Final Flames-PG-13-Updated chapter one!

I found my old fanfic-Lost Flame. I thought it was Final Flame...? Meh, oh well.

I did have a long typed-out fan-fic of Oak as a young trainer, but I got logged out and the whole post was gone. So, no more little Oak. Now, here's a new fanfic!


Chapter One: Loss


The dream was so odd. I felt like it was real. Like I was a champion. Like I was noticed. Like I was wanted. Like I was loved. Like I was loved...I never felt like that before.

I was wandering down the old path I walked down for years. It was different now. I remember...I felt so young, and awkward. Now I feel old and wrinkly. But too serious since I was eight. I had walked this way since I was eight years old.

It's been so different. I barely ever knew my real parents. Professor Birch's assistant took me to live with him. I've lived with them for almost 5 years now. Five years. So long.

Miles was 9 now. Danny was dead. He died at 10 years old. Now Ryan was 18. And Seth and I were 12. Ellen was 5. We'd all grown up too fast, it was weird. That Eric boy all too long ago must be 15 at this point. It seemed weird thinking about it.

I sat down on the dock at the edge of Dewford Town. I have lived there five years. The dock was 10 years old. It looked new still. I used to come here when I was nine. I used to think here. I used to talk to people here.

"Lyn. There you are." A voice said behind me. I twisted my head around. A boy with spikey sandy blone hair looked down at me. Seth. I looked up at his bue eyes, and smiled slightly. "Dad wants us. Ryan came home, and he wants to see us."

We haven't seen Ryan for 2 years now. We had been 10, and he had been 16.

I got up, and Seth and I walked down through the beach to a small street to a tan colored house with 2 floors. We lived there. Me for efive years; Seth for 12.

Seth wrenched open the door. A man with short brown hair beamed as we walked in. "Lyn! Seth!"

Editing to add more

My brown hair went swooping with the wind as I rushed to Ryan and hugged him. We haven't seen his in so long! Memories of his last visit came rushing to me. I remembered him letting us attempt flying his Pigeot, which went nicely. With the exception of Seth falling off into the ocean.

Seth grinned as Ryan sat at the kitchen table. He looked around the light green colored room and smiled. "New paint job?" He asked. We nodded.

"So, do you want to hang out around town with us?" Asked Seth. Seth looked out the window. He could see a small group of friends heading towards a Fan-Club House. Seth and I hung out there to talk about Pokemon a lot.

Ryan gave us both a slight smile. "Sure, why not? I can let you see my Pokemon, I bet they miss you." Ryan turned his head to me, his warm blue eyes locked at mine. "How's Abra? Would it like to come with us?"

"I bet she would!" I said, a little cheerfully. Abra had saved me and Seth when we were eight, at the cave close to our house. Team Aqua had attempted to kidnap us, and Abra had a battle with their Pikachu. Ryan had got us out of that mess in the end. Since then, Abra had been a member of our family. For five years. (And I'll stop doing this five year thing now.)

I walked down the hall and went into a room at my left. My room was a navy blue color, filled with a few Pokemon and band posters. I had a floor-covering black carpet laid on the wooden floor. On my oak bed, Abra was sitting there, starring at the ceiling. Thinking, I thought.

"Hey, Abra, feel like going out to walk with Ryan, Seth and I?" I asked. Abra looked at me. The small psychic Pokemon hopped off my bed on hugged my shoulder. Of course she wanted to come. I hugged her as we went to meet Ryan and Seth outside.

We walked through the sand in the beach. A lot of people stopped to chat with Ryan, who they haven't seen for two years.

Ryan had us go up to the cave opening and he'd meet us there.

"I'll be there in a minute-I just want to check into the fan club so I can talk to them for a quick 5 minutes. I'll meet you in a few." Ryan told us.

We headed up the beach. Goldeen were jumping out of the water, and diving in. The clouds were a nice soft blue. Though I hate that color, it looked peaceful out. Pretty good, since it has been pretty rainy lately.

We waited by the entrance, peeking in every once in a while.

And we waited. And waited. And waited. Ryan wasn't coming.

"Um, Seth-any idea what's taking Ryan?" I asked worriedly.

"You know how people are when they see PokeChamps! They want to spend every waking moment with them." Seth joked. I looked at him stubbernly.

"No, really. I think we'd better go--" I was cut off, because I heard something. Something really really bad.

"HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!" Cried someone desperatly. Instantly, we knew exactly who it was-Ryan. Seth and I looked at each other.

"Let's go." Is all he said to me.

We ran as fast as we could to the source of the yelling. Sure enough, Team Aqua was there, gripping hard onto Ryan's arms. From behind a tree, another member grabbed Seth.

"LEMME GO!" Seth cried. He tried kicking, but another member grabbed his feet.

One tried to get me, but Abra quickly pushed them away.

"Let them GO." I told the one holding Ryan.

"Aw, that little eight year old sweet girl grew up so fast." The guy holding Seth's brother said. My mouth dropped open.

"Mark?!" Mark was the one who had tried to take Seth and I when we were younger. He was still after us? What FOR? Was my Abra rare or something? Or did they just hate us?

"Battle you say? Never, ever get in the way of us!" Mark thrusted a Pokeball and gave Ryan to another member around him. "Go, Riachu!"

"Argggg." I said. "Abra, I know you haven't battled for a while, but please help me out here again, okay?"

Abra jumped right into the field, pumped up for battle.

Update. Again.

"Haha, still a tiny little Abra!" Mark laughed loudly, annoying the crap out of me already. He then looked serious. "Riachu, thunder wave!"

Riachu jumped into the air, and electricity bolted out of it's hands. THINK! I thought. "Abra, teleport!"

Abra disappered before the bolts hit her. She reappered on the back of Riachu. "OKAY!" I cheered. "Try and pound attack!"

Abra began to feircly beat Riachu, punching it serveral times before jumping off and starting to charge. Riachu began charging, too. Oh boy. We all knew how this was going to end.

"Riachu, HEADBUTT!" Mark ordered. Riachu darted closer, and rammed stright into Abra's chest. Abra went hurling towards me. Quickly, I grabbed her before she hit the waters edge.

"ABRA!" I cried, slowly placing her in the sand. Abra's eyes were glued shut. I could hear Seth struggling to get free of the Aqua's grips, to try and help Abra. "Abra! Are you okay?" I placed my hand on Abra's. Did we just lose?

Before relising what had even happened, Abra was taken, and I was being dragged away. "NO!" I cried. "NO! NO, NO NO NO NO!"

Seth kicked the other Aqua member, and broke free. He ran as fast as he could to me, and to the member that was squeezing my arms. He kicked her, hoping for me to brake through. He had no sucess.

"Lyn, kick her!" Seth said. Without knowing what to do, I wildly kicked my feet all over.

Someone was behind Seth now. "SETH MOVE!" I cried desperatly. Too late. We were caught by Team Aqua, and we had lost.


That was...chapter one! I hope you enjoyed! Chapter two coming soon!
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Well, to advice you on stuff, make sure you type on Microsoft Word. In that way, you will save it and just copy and paste it when you're finished with it.

A bit short on the first chapter. There are a bit of unclear things and some things are really pretty much redundant.
"I felt so young, and awkward. Now I feel old and wrinkly. And old. But too serious since I was eight."

There are some things unclear here because you haven't properly described the characters and their background so they're basically shadows to me right now. But you have a pretty nice flow on your diction, in my opinion. Keep up the good work and make the length a bit more longer.

Be sure to check out the fanfiction lounge in case Frostweaver reviewed your story. ;) (And if your review isn't there keep checking.)

espeon and umbreon


Length - Another short chapter... * sigh * I don't want to be rude or anything, it's just that I've been seeing so many short chapters.

Also there was old and wrinkly. And old. You don't have to explain old 2 times. And what does the characters looks like???

Be sure to use Microsoft words. If you were going to hand that chapter tothe publishing editor, he/ she would say use microsoft word.

Other than that, I can't see any problems.


Lyn-The bad fan-fic writer
Chapter 2: Finding


I opened my eyes. Where was I? I looked around. I was in some kind of cell. But where exactly. Seth and Ryan were looking at me, as well as a boy I didn't know. Together they made a worried face.

"What? What happened?" I asked quickly.

Seth said, "Well, we-um, lost. Abra isn't here. Aqua seems to have stolen her. You passed out. They really hurt us." He sounded almost sleepy.

I glanced at the boy I didn't know. He had spikey light brown hair and green eyes. He had a black tee-shirt and khaki baggy jeans. He was sitting down next to me. "Who's this?" I asked.

"That's Matt Anger. He was trapped here since yesterday." Ryan informed me.

"How old is he?" I questioned.

"I'm 13." Matt said. He had a low voice. Kind of raspy too. "Um, nice to meet you."

"Yeah." I said. I layed down on the cold damp floor. My eyes spun around the room. How where we going to get out?

"What do you suppose we do? We need to get out of here." Matt said. "They come to chck on us, but taunt us. And they don't feed us. At all. Or let us drink."

I sighed. "Ugh, no food?"

"Are you okay?" Matt asked, sounding worried. I looked at him for a second, and studied his face. Playful like, cute...I could live with that.

"Kinda. I'm just taken back that I lost...that's all." I lied.

"Are you a trainer?" Matt asked me.

"No." I admitted. "I met my Abra when I was eight. Seth and I were trapped by Team Aqua and Abra saved us. She's been with me for almost five years now."

I got up and stood for a moment, continuing to look at the dungeon. Matt and Seth looked at me. Ryan was examining his empty Pokeballs.

Suddenly, I dropped to the floor, exhusted. Matt quickly grabbed my arm. I stared at him for a second. "I-I-I'm fine." I stammered.

"Oh, right. Sorry." Matt turned red. He helped me up in a sitting position.

"So...where do we sleep?" Ryan spoke up. Matt pointed to a few cell beds.

"There. There are enough for everyone. Anyone tired?"

Seth, Ryan and I said, "I am." Matt laughed.

"Okay." Matt said. "I'll go to bed soon. For now, you guys can sleep."

I attempted to get up. I seemed to be weak from losing...Why though? Matt got up, and helped me up. "Let me know if you need any help." He whispered. I nodded, and walked to the beds. I layed in the one that looked the most cozy. It was somewhatly fluffy feeling, but still a bit hard. The pillows were feather filled. So I guess I was okay with that. The blanked were big fleece ones.

"How you all doing?" Asked a sneering voice. Mark. UGH. "We made the beds nice. But that's it. Heeheehee..."

"Where's Abra?" I asked lowly, in a whisper.

"What was that?" Mark asked.

"WHERE'S ABRA?!" I yelled. I wanted Abra back. She's been at my side for...ever now to me.

"Your not getting Abra back." Mark looked pleased.

Without even thinking, I jumped out of bed, and ran to the bars that seperated us. "GIVE ME BACK ABRA NOW!" I roared.

"No. Abra is staying with us now."

"GIVE ME HER BACK NOW! I'LL KILL YOU!" I boomed. Someone put their hand on my shoulder. Matt.

"Please-" Matt said helplessly.

"NO! I WANT ABRA BACK NOW OR ELSE I'M GOING TO KILL MARK!" I yelled, furious tears runnig down my face.

"Lyn-no-please...you're going to hurt-"

Before he could bother to finish, I spun around so he could see me. My face was all wet. I put my head on his shoulder and cried on him. I heard Mark's footsteps. He had left.

Matt patted me on the back. "I need Abra back." I cried, my voice braking.

"Don't worry..." Matt looked at me, and studied me for a moment. He was so caring...

"I..." I began. "I'm, um..." I got tired quickly.

"Here, sit down with me." Matt said. We went to the corner of the cell, where he sat down. He had me sit with him. He moved up right against me so our shoulders were touching.

He put his hand on my chin, and made it so I had to look at his eyes.

"Listen." He said. "I know it seems hard, but you HAVE to forget about Abra now. I'll make sure you get her back. But for now, don't try to hurt yourself. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Please, for every one, don't hurt yourself." Matt said, almost sadly. It made me cry more. I pushed my head to his chest as he stroked my hair.

"I'm sorry." I cried. "It's...just...no one's actually cared that much about me. I mean, Seth family does, but...no one ever cared that much to sound like they would sacrafice themself to help me."

"Trust me, I really would." Matt said. He stopped looking at me. "Anyways, I think you'd better go to sleep. You really are weak now."

I got up, and he did the same. "Thanks for helping me." I said, sniffling. I hugged him quickly. I blushed, my face turning bright red.

I layed down in bed thinking a little. About maybe almost everything possible. What were we going to do? Why did Team Aqua want all of us? What was going to happen to my Abra, and Ryan's Pokemon? Did Matt like me? I felt that I did now...

I drifted off to sleep...


"Lyn?" I heard someone call my name. I opened my eyes. It was dark in the cell now. Matt was looking at me. "You were...um...talking in your sleep."

"What? What did I say?" I asked, self-counsiously.

"Er...something about me..."

"Was it bad?" I blurted.

"Well-no-not really..." Matt said. He looked around. I had a feeling I was blurting my thoughts in my sleep. Oh jees, wonderful.

Before I knew it, Matt was drawing near. My heart stopped for about forever. I went closer a little too, and then that was it. We were kissing. I felt kind of connected to Heaven. Never been there like everyone else. Nothing 'exciting' usually happened to me. Until now. I hugged him, and he hugged me as well.

Then we stopped. Back in the evil dungeon. We were wordless. I breathed fast, thinking of what to do.

But before I could say anything, Matt was in bed. "Sorry." He said.

What did I do?


The next morning, the cell seemed a little brighter. Seth was at the bars, figuring a way out. I looked over at Matt. He looked away. Why was he avoiding me now?

"Do you know what to do?" Asked Matt.

"Not a clue." Seth answered.

"You know, you'd think mom or dad might be worried now?" Ryan said.

Suddenly, I heard some odd yelling in my head. Someone screaming...battling...

I was on the ground. "SOMEONE IS COMING!" I cried out suddenly. Matt, Seth and Ryan stared at me.

"What?" Matt asked, as if I was insane. What happened? Last night he loved me, and now I was nothing.

"Somebody is coming." I said slower. "I heard them...but then I fell."

"...I don't understand." Matt sighed.

"What? Matt, what's wrong with you?" I asked. Ryan and Seth stared at me. Oh, joy. Lyn, the insane child. Joyfull. "No, guys, I heard it-some one's coming to save us!"

As if on cue, there it was. Down the corrider, we could hear someone shouting. "MOVE IT WATCH OUT YOU THEIVES!" It was Seth and Ryan's father; Robert. We were alive now. I looked at Matt.

"We're saved." I told them. I tried getting up, and got almost all the way up and fell down. My legs seemed tired. And hurt, like I slept on them wrong. Matt finally noticed me and helped me up. "I don't think my legs can hold me, they hurt. I think I slept on them wrong." I told him.

"Here," he said, putting my arm around his shoulder, so he could hold onto me.

Robert came flying down to us with a key, and tossing it into a key hole, and grabbed open the bars in time before Aqua got us.

"RUN!" Robert ordered.

"I CAN'T!" I yelled.

"I'll help you." Matt whispered. He picked me up and sprinted up the halls with difficutly. He grunted and closed his eyes tight. I looked at him. He was going to do anything to save me.

"ABRA!" I yelled suddenly, causing him to stop.

"NO, we need to go now!" Matt said.

"Abra's more important than me." I said. "Please..." I closed my eyes, which were heavy. I pressed my head against him and kept my eyes closed.

Abra was laying in the sand, calling out for someone-anyone. Water was rushing at the dock. If no one found her, she would drown.

"Abra's at the docks." I mumbled. I twisted my head, and relised Matt was resting me in a bed.

We were all safe now. Seth and Ryan were in beds next to me. We were hurt, but still alive. Thanks to Matt and Robert.


That's chapter two, chapter 3 is coming tomorrow!


Lyn-The bad fan-fic writer
Yay, chapter three! Hopefully I get some feedback on this part. *winks*

Chapter Three: Emotions


Waking up quickly, I forced my eyes to scan the room. Ryan was at a bed to my right, not moving, and Seth at the left. He seemed to be stirring. I needed to know what was going on-if he knew. I felt like I was brainwashed thinking that I knew nothing that was going on.

"Seth?" I called, almost in a whisper. "Seth, are you awake?"

Seth moved to the edge of the bed. "Huh wha?" He mumbled.

"Seth, get up." I pulled of my sheets. I had all my energy back now. Maybe resting was good for people. I swiped the white sheets off of Seth's bed. "Up, now." I told him, shaking him.

"What no!" He said. "Leave me alone."

"Seth, c'mon." I urged him. "Get up. We have to find Robert."

Seth finally opened his eyes and got out of the bed. He seemed to have trouble, so, I asked him if he needed help. Of course he did. I helped him up so he was standing.

"Jees, where are we?" He asked me. I stared at him.

"I thought you'd know!" I cried. "Ugh. Let's just leave this room and find out."

He and I left the small room and into a white hall with one too many lights. On a small bench in the hall, Matt sat. We smiled at him, glad to see he might know what happened. "Matt!" I called. We walked over to him and sat on the bench. "Do you know what happened? Tell us everything. I can't remember anything now."

"Well, Robert came to get us, and you were way too weak to run, and walk, at that matter. So I picked you up and we got the hell out of that place. Robert drove us to the nearest Pokemon Center, and Joy let you all stay here to heal, since there is no hospital here." Matt explained. "So we got you out and got you a room, and we've all been checking on you all since. I didn't need any proper healing though. Robert let me rest at your house for the night. You guys, however, had a lot of injuries."

"What kinds?" Seth asked Matt before I could ask.

"Just some cuts, bruises, and they had cut off you and Ryan's curculation in the arms the other night too," Matt motioned to Seth. True, Team Aqua had grabbed them and held them tightly for a long while.

"So, are we all okay, now?" I asked.

"You should be. You guys seemed okay last night, actually." Matt said.

"So, can we go outside?" I asked, hoping for a positive answer. I got up, and walked out to the center of the Pokemon Center. A few people were chatting about Pokemon, and healing them. I wished to be able to do that myself one day.

"I guess we could go outside..." Matt began.

"Great! Let's go!" I grabbed his arm and we ran to the door. That is, before I tripped over a Pokemon.

"PIKAAAAAA!" The Pokemon cried. I stared at it, and kneeled down to it. It was yellow, with two brown stipes on it's back. It turned over, and showed two round red cheeks. It had pointy ears with black tips and a lightning bolt shaped tail.

"HEY! What are you doing?!" Asked a boy, running up to me. He had a black hat in the shape of a Pokeball. The boy's black tee-shirt went flowing with the wind from running. He strided to me with blue jeans.

"I'm sorry, we were leaving, and, I tripped over this Pokemon." I apologized.

"Oh, no hard feelings." The boy said to me. He looked down at the Pokemon. "Pikachu, are you okay?" He asked it.

"Pika-chu!" The Pokemon chirped, getting up and hugging it's trainers leg.

"I'm Ash." The boy said, extending his hand out to me. "Ash Ketchem."

"I'm Lyn." I said. I looked at Matt. "This is Matt Anger."

"Hey there." Matt said to Ash as we shook his hand.

"Are you guys Pokemon trainers?" Ash asked.

"Well...not yet." I said. "Me and my good friend Seth are planning on starting our journey really soon. I'm not sure about Matt, though..." I didn't even ask if he was a trainer.

"Well, I actually am becoming one." Matt told us. "I talked to Robert last night-mind you, Ash, he is Professor Birch's assistant-and he thought we should see Mr. Birch by tomorrow. He might have some Pokemon with him."

"Really?!" I said happily. "That's GREAT!"

"Ash?" A female voice said. I turned around. A girl with a red bandana and brown hair came over waving. "Ash, Skitty's okay now, we can get on our way back to Little Root!" She looked at us. "Who are they?" She whispered to Ash.

"Oh, this is Matt and Lyn." Ash explained. We waved slightly.

"Well, I guess we should be going-"

"LYN! MATT!" Seth yelled, grabbing onto us.

"What?" Asked Matt quickly.

"Ryan's...awake..." Seth panted. Obliviosly, he had been checking on him, and was out of breath.

"Is he okay?" I asked.

"'Course, come on!" Seth said. "Oh, who are these people?"

"I'm Ash, and this is May." Ash introduced.

"Come on, you two can come, can't they?" I questioned Seth. He nodded and we ran to the room.

"Guys, you're all right?" Ryan hugged us all. We hugged him back happily.

"I think we really should go. Mom and dad might be worried about us now." Seth said.

"Your right." I agreed. "You think we are healthy enough to leave now?"

"Most right." Matt grinned.

"Well, goodbye, Ash and May." I said. We said our goodbyes, in hopes of running into them in the future.


We headed into the house, getting attacked with hugs. I hugged Seth and Ryan tightly. I just looked at Matt, unsure if I should hug him since what happened in the past two days.

"Seth, Lyn, I would like to speak to you two. Ryan, I think I'll need your help, too." Robert said, leading us to the living room.

The living room was a warm place, with a light tan color, and a chestnut colored couch. We all sat on it, and Robert began to talk to us. "Now. We have talked to Matt about every single detail that had happened."

I froze. Every detail? Ger-ate.

"Anyways, we talked about you all getting your first Pokemon."

"I already had one." I inturrupted.

"Had?" Robert looked at me. "You still have one."

"Abra's gone." I sighed sadly.

"Well, you're actually wrong." Robert said. "Matt found Abra last night. She's still recovering in your room."

"Really?" I said, austounded. I cheered in my head silently.

"Now, I really want Ryan to talk to you about raising Pokemon."

"Okay, kids." Ryan started, "Pokemon are not just like toys. They are your friends. And you make friends along the way. And foes. Like Team Aqua. The only way you can battle and defeat someone is loving and trusting your Pokemon. Okay? So when you become trainers, you much respect your Pokemon. And you should already know this, of course. It's the basics of Pokemon."

I nodded in understandment. "So...are we going?"

"Well, I guess we SHOULD go soon. Professor wants me at the lab soon, anyways. I've bought you all backpacks to carry your stuff in." Robert told us, handing us packs. Mine was a jean-meterial made one. It had serveral small pockets. Good to hold PokeBalls.

Seth's was green, and had a huge opening and 4 small ones.

"If you'd like, pack somethings you'll need. Of course you will need extra clothes. And other things. Anything you'll need. Just don't overstuff your bags, of course."


Matt sat on my bed as I put some stuff in it.

"So...are you excited?" Matt asked me.

I nodded as I put in some pokeballs and zipped up the pack. "All set." I said. "You sure you don't need any pokeballs?"

"Yeah, I'm going to buy some in town when we get there." Matt told me.

"Okay." I said. We headed downstairs to Robert, who was waiting for us.

"All ready?" Robert asked happily. I nodded to him, and looked at Lilly; Seth's mom. Suddenly I remembered every moment here. When I first came. How she was so caring and nice. I had origanally thought I was to stay for a night; but it turned out to be five whole years.

Seth came out, smiling broadly. "All done! Let's go!"

"Oh, Seth!" Lilly cried, hugging him so he couldn't breathe. "We're going to miss you SO MUCH!"

"MOM!" Seth yelled. "It's okay. I'll call you as much as possible, and visit lots, okay?"

"Okay." His mom hugged him again.

Now it was time. Time to tell them how grateful I was. "Um, Lilly? Robert?" I started. "You guys don't know how thankful I am that you've let me live here for this long. I'm so gald I had went to the lab when I did now. I never relised this until now-after thinking about this for days. So...thank you." Sadly, I said, "but I am no longer part of the family."

"Of course you are! You have been for five years! Your like a second daughter!" Lilly cried.

Ellen and Miles, Seth's younger siblings, came out with pictures. Miles had a picture of a pokeball and of Seth getting a Pokemon. Ellen drew one of me and Abra.

"Aw...thanks." We told them, hugging them tightly. It made me sad to think they were no longer going to be with me much anymore now. I could tell Matt knew how thankful I was for this family right then.

"...Well." Robert sighed. "Are we ready to go?"

I sighed quickly. "I...I...don't know." I said finally. Matt looked at me. "I just don't think I'm ready to leave. Once I walk out this door, I'm leaving Abra and this entire family behind. I just don't think I should go yet."

Sadly, I went outside to the docks and sat at the edge. I looked into the water, and saw my reflection. I looked up at the sky, and rested my head on the dock's wood and sat for a moment thinking of what had happened. Nothing was going into my brain now. It was just going in my head, and going out the other ear.


I picked up my head. There was Matt, as always now. "What?" I asked him, slightly angered.

"Your not like this-are you?" He asked.

"I'm not." I told him truthfully. I got up and sat crosslegged. "It's just...once I walk out of that door with Seth and Robert, I am out of the family. I've had a great time with them. I don't want that to end."

"All good things have to come to an end." Matt smiled. I tried to smile back. "I'm sure we'll have a great time being trainers. Beating gyms, getting lost, catching new Pokemon..."

"Yeah, but..." I tried to think of a comeback.

"Can't find a excuse?" He laughed.

"No..." I lied. "Okay, maaaayybee..."

I studied his face for a moment. Calm, I could see plainly. Slowly, I got closer to him, and hugged him. Then I looked up into his eyes. I saw how clearly he worried for me, and kissed him.

After a few moments, we got up. I think it was time for it to end.

"Shall we go now?" Robert said. I could see he had been watching us at the dock. We nodded.

I hugged the family one last time. "I promise, we will talk to you as often as possible" I promised them as we left.

There was a whole new beginning for Seth, and I. We had met Matt, and now we were becoming Pokemon trainers. Finally. This was my most memorable moment.


Crits and comments welcome, guys! Thanks for reading! Chapter 4 is on the way!


Lyn-The bad fan-fic writer
Chapter 4: I choose...


Ryan grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, and tossed it in the air. "Pigeot, go!"

The ball opened, and a large bird-like Pokemon came out. It had large thick, light brown wings and a few long strands of crimson hair. "Pidg oooat!" It chirped happily.

We pulled ourselves onto Pigeot. Ryan stayed on the sand. "Dad, right when you come home tonight, don't forget Pigeot."

"How can I get home?" Robert laughed, as Ryan tossed him Pigeot's Pokeball. When Robert couldn't have Pigeot during Ryan's absence, he had to walk to Petalburg City to go to Mr. Briney's hut and get a boat ride home from him. Sure, it took a while, but it was the only way he could actually come home-seeing as Dewford Town is an Island.

"Well...yeah." Ryan said. "Anyways, good luck guys! I hope to battle you three one day. And Seth-don't forget." Ryan winked at him. Why though? I'd ask him later. Later we would have Pokemon.

"Pigeot, let's go! Fly us to Little Root Town!" Robert commanded. Pigeot's wings began to move. We soared through the sky, over the ocean.

We watched Pokemon swim and trainers battling on small islands. Some looked up at us and smiled. I could see Little Root Town in the distance. Just like I had left it...the large lab was still their, my parents house, our nieghbors home, the trees.

Pigeot landed on the soft green glass, and bowed down so we could get off easier.

"Professor!" Robert called on the outside of the lab. "I'm here!"

Some noises came from the inside, and finally, Professor Birch opened the door. A brown hair haired man in a long white lab coat and light brown shorts looked at all of us. He hadn't seen me since I was eight. Had he remembered me?

He led us inside. Papers were filed neatly on the few desks that were in there. Empty Pokeballs were contained in boxes, and reports sat next to the computers. It was clean, not messy. Most labs were horrendious.

Professor Birch stood infront of a table with three Pokeballs. Robert stood next to him proudly.

"I see you are all ready to own a Pokemon." Birch said happily. "Well, just so happens, we have some here. Now. Robert, could you please demonstrate how to use a Pokeball for us?"

"Sure, sir." Robert said. "Come on everyone." Robert grabbed a pokeball from the box and led us outside to the grass where wild Pokemon were playing and hanging out. "See that over there? That's a Zigzagoon. Let me show you how to capture a Pokemon."

Robert silently walked closer to the Pokemon, and threw the Pokeball. "POKEMON GO!" He cired. A red worm came out. "This is a Wurmple." Robert explained. "Wurmple will lower Zigzagoon's strengh, which will help me capture Zigzagoon."

We watched closely.

"Wurmple, tackle attack!" Wurmple ran into Zigzagoon, and Zigzagoon scratched it. "Try again with another tackle!" Again, Wurmple ramed into it. Zigzagoon panted.

"When capturing a Pokemon, you might need to weaken it more." Robert took out a spare Pokeball from his pocket. "POKE BALL-GO!"

He threw the ball at Zigzagoon, and the ball rumbled several times before finally stopping.

"And that, my friends, is how you catch a Pokemon." Robert concluded. "Now, I want to see if you all know how to send out and send in a Pokemon. Lyn, would you like to try first?"

I looked at the Pokemon's Pokeball. "Sure." I agreed. He handed me the ball as I looked at it nervously. If I messed up, could I still get a Pokemon? Slowly, the words formed as my lips moved. "I choose you, Zigzagoon!" I threw the ball at the ground. Pop! Zigzagoon emerged and cooed.

Robert nodded in approval. "Very good. Now return it."

"Okay..." I held out the Pokeball as soon as it popped back into my hand. I aimed the center of it right at Zigzagoon's head. "Zigzagoon, return." A red light sucked the Pokemon back into the ball.

"Terrific." Birch said. He turned to Matt. "Matthew, would you like to try now?"

"No problem." Matt smiled. He took the Pokeball from me, and tossed it into the air. "Zigzagoon, come on out!"

Again, Zigzagoon came out happily.

"Great. Now return."

Matt nodded as he said, "come back!"

We watched it disapper. Robert nodded happily, and Seth grabbed he ball.

"Out you go!" He said. Quickly, he returned it after Birch allowed him to.

"Alrighty then." Birch said at last. "It seems that we all know how to do the easy stuff. And now-for the most important choice of your lives. What Pokemon you choose."

We were brought back into the lab, and to a table with three Pokeballs. "Now, I want you to choose carefully. Which one you choose will effect your Pokemon trainer lives forever."

Robert brought out one Pokemon. A fish like Pokemon. "This is Mudkip-the water type." Birch said.

"And this is Treeko." Robert said, bringing out a green lizard-like Pokemon. "The grass type."

"And finally-Torchic." Birch said. "This is the fire type." The small chick Pokemon chirped.

"Now choose carefully-" Robert began. I grabbed Mudkip.

"I choose Mudkip!" I said.


"Then I will choose..." Seth looked at the other two. "Torchic."

"Chic chi!"

"And that means I have Treeko." Matt said. He picked up Treeko, who beamed. He smiled back at it.

"And now, two important trainer needs-pokedex's and Pokeballs." Professor Birch handed us a red PokeDex, and 5 Pokeballs. "Good luck with these Pokemon, Lyn, Matthew and Seth!"

We gave Robert one final hug and left the lab. I looked back at Robert, and smiled. The one who took me to live with his family. The one who saved me. I would have been long gone if it weren't for him. I remembered.

"Guys?" I started. They looked at me. "Before we leave these non-Pokemon lives, I want to see my old house."


Thanks for reading...if you...were...