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Final Soul Silver Thoughts (Review?)

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
So, as I prepare to restart my Soul Silver, I figured it was time to give my overall thoughts of the game.

As a whole, Soul Silver was a pretty engaging game, though for me it really didn't live up to the hype and wasn't really that "legendary." Perhaps it's because I don't wear nostalgia-tinted glasses. Perhaps it's because I was playing through the original Crystal this time last year. It's a solid game and a good addition to the franchise, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't a standout game to me.

Graphically, it's a modest improvement over Platinum, with the Magnet Train and Lugia's Whirl Islands basin looking especially impressive. But the typical route and city didn't look that much different from the Sinnoh-based versions. And they really dropped the ball on some of the Pokemon sprites. And I wasn't really attracted to either of the main character's designs (which right now is currently my biggest gripe with Black/White aside from the new games' blatant rip-off of Pretty Cure).

Controls are a mixed bag. While the system for flipping through the various items in inventory is easier compared to D/P/Pt, I did not like the PC system, with it automatically dropping Pokemon in some random spot when you grab a new one. And though the auto running shoes and having two key items was beneficial, it's far too easy to trigger the menu accidentally if, say, your finger brushes against the touch screen buttons.

Then there are the flaws in G/S/C that HG/SS inherited, like the rarity of evolution stones, the issues with low levels, and... Red. This is probably the last time I'll rant about him, but as a final boss he was a disappointment ten years ago, and he's a disappointment now.

My biggest personal gripe with the game (which may or may not matter to you) is the absence of Leaf (female protagonist from FR/LG) in ANY form. With the GBA to DS compatibility, would it be so hard to make the final Mt. Silver boss correspond to your FR/LG party (with Red as/is being a default)? Besides, no matter what the NPC's say in HG/SS, Red did NOT disband Team Rocket and become the hero of Kanto three years ago. Lisa (what I named my character in LG) did, and with a vastly superior team. I just assume that those particular NPC's who brag about Red were brainwashed or have really bad memories.

Overall, 8/10. Ranked below Platinum and Leaf Green, tied with original Crystal and Pearl (and XD if you count spin-offs), and above everything else.