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[Essentials Tutorial] Fog like in Pokemon Fire Red Game

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    Fog like in Pokemon Fire Red Game

    For those who want to add the fog like in gen 3 games, follow this instructions:

    1- Paste this in this folder: Graphics/Fogs And you can simply name the pic by Fog or whatever the name.

    Fog like in Pokemon Fire Red Game

    2- Put an event with Parallel Process option on, on a map that you want to be foged, and add Change Map Settings, select the fog graphic + Opacity + Blending + Zoom + SX + SY for your liking.

    Mine is this way:

    Fog like in Pokemon Fire Red Game

    All the credits goes to: zerokid.

    Note: I only posted this recource because it is a bit old and i don't think that there is a fog recource for essentials like this one.


    Forever Chandelure lover.
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    • Seen Aug 16, 2021
    It would be great to creat a new weather with that, like the foggy one of Sword & Shield. Thanks for sharing this.
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    For some reason, doing this makes all of my maps tagged "outside" foggy, instead of just the one I used the event on.