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Rely on me to let you down.
- Tuesday 7th October 2008

Hmmmm...What to talk about?

Well, I guess the first thing that's on my mind is Drama tomorrow, also the afterschool I have for it tomorrow as well.
But I don't really want to talk about Drama again, because it just isn't fun..

I had a really serious conversation with a friend yesterday, well I say serious, it was over msn. Don't you hate how that doesn't qualify as serious?
However, I don't think I would have been able to have that conversation in person.

I'm listening to a spectacular song at the moment, it's called "First Day of My Life" by an artsist called Bright Eyes. It was actually the song my neice was born to, so it has some sentimental value too.
I highly recomend you get it. <3

I'm really hating some of the things I do at the moment..

Something I'd like to know is why a teachers word is like law, how do they have the right to keep us in school for extra time?
How do they have the right to confiscate our property, and then keep it till the next day? (Or in some cases over the week-end)

Why don't we just break the rules? WE should be able to decide what to do with our time, if I want to throw away my education, why can't I? SURELY it's my descision.
But no, we stick to them, we stay in school after hours.
We give them our property.
What can they do to use if we don't?
I want to find out.

I'd like to run away, to be honest.

Either that or manage to change the whole education system, but that's not going to happen is it?

On a different subject here's some photos of my art project, I said I'd get some for you, whoever you are..

^ Click on them for bigger images.

Catch you tomorrow. X