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PC: Get-Together Management Applications

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    Get-Together Staff Applications
    Open from April 29 to May 6, 2024.

    Every year we hold a huge event across the forum and Discord server we call the Get-Together. Typically, this event is built around some sort of theme and made up of a bunch of smaller events, games and group calls as the community all comes together for some fun.

    Historically, the management of the Get-Together has primarily been handled by existing members of our various staff teams, event organisers running specific games aside. This year though, we're trying something a little bit different and giving the community at large a chance to get involved in the behind the scenes planning and management that goes into making the Get-Together function every year. By which I mean we are opening applications to join the Get-Together management team in these early preparation stages.

    While it is preferred that you have been involved in the Get-Together as an event organiser or staff member previously, anyone is welcome to apply if you feel like you are able to be of assistance. We are looking for people who can help with planning (working on the theme, lore, additional mechanics and scheduling), management (working with event organisers to get each individual event up-and-running and the general day-to-day workings of the Get-Together) and visuals (art, graphics etc).

    How do I apply?

    Send your answers to the questions below in a Private Message to gimmepie. Let us know what aspects of the Get-Together you are interested in working on and how you can contribute to that area.

    Do note that the Get-Together is important to us here and we work hard to make it as good as we can each year. So if you sign-up, please be committed to the role you are applying for. We are currently looking at running the event at some point in July.

    Get-Together Management Application

    1. What role(s) are you applying for?

    2. Have you worked on a previous Get-Together as a staff member or event organiser?

    3. What can you do to assist in the role you are applying for?

    4. How much time can you commit to working on the Get-Together both in the lead up to the event and during the Get-Together itself?

    5. Anything else you'd like to say!

    Should you have any questions or need anything clarified before you apply, don't hesitate to reach out to gimmepie, Aquacorde, Arcaneum or Starlight.

    We look forward to creating another exciting Get-Together for the community to enjoy and are eager to have members of the wider community involved in the early stages this time.