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[Questions] Getting Back into the TCG


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    I have a deck from years ago that still seems okay, but I plan on switching out around 10 more cards when I'm not broke as an egg yolk. On top of getting some other TCG decks ready, my plan is to push the boundaries of my social anxiety and go to the local card shop that I have yet to go to. It looks like they play a variety of different card and tabletop games there.

    But, just out of curiousity, do a lot of people still play the Pokemon TCG? I mean, I figure it might have kind of died out a bit in recent times, but is it still common?

    Update: Well, that's a real bummer. Found out today that while the cards I mentioned are only around 4 years old, apparently 90% of the deck is no longer legal in standard. I guess they constantly rotate the legality using those new regulation symbols, which is clearly just to get people to purchase newer cards. I'm pretty disappointed in this, but I had already planned on putting together a deck with more modern cards at some point, so I guess that's my next goal.
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