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???? Gifts for All! ????

🌟 Gifts for All! 🌟

A Warm Little Exchange

join me by the fire with a nice cup of tea

Anastasia asked if we could do a gift exchange for A&D! While I'm sure everyone is a little bit busy with real life and school and our own holiday plans, I thought I'd set up a little something for everyone to participate in. I've decided we'll do it in two ways!

Before that, I'd like to specify something! I'd like this to be open to all kinds of arts and gifts! Don't think just because you're not a great artist that you can't participate in this. As long as you have something you can create, then it's worth it! It's all handmade with love and what's what counts. : )

Gift Exchange

A traditional secret santa format! Everyone signs up and lists a few of their interests, then are matched to other people. You make art for them, and then exchange!
I'm going to give everyone a big window to get gifts done, so you'll have until ✨New Years✨ to give your gift!

Try and get signed up by the 16th of December!

Sign up requirements:
Name: "merry xmas, doofus" "love, nina"
Things I can do: What are you able to give? Digital art, pixel art, a sweet photo collage? Helps everyone meter their exceptions.
Interests: While I wholly recommend you to stalk your giftee to see what they like, you should list some of your interests to make it easier for them to pin point things that would make a good gift. Please don't ask for something extremely specific.
[B]Things I can do:[/B] 
[B]Interests:[/B] [/PLAIN]

(to be clear you don't have to do both of these)

Gifts For All

It can be hard figuring out a gift for a specific person, or maybe you don't even want anything in exchange.
For this way, people who would like to maybe do special holiday requests or something that everyone can have and ask for can set up here!
Unlike the matching, you can start doing this whenever! You can chose when you're done with it as well, the longest it can go likewise is ✨New Years✨.
Please remember that like normal request threads, the artist is able to refuse to do a request for whatever reason.

Sign up requirements:
Name: "aww man kyle gave everyone some sweet startlybucks gift cards in shadowstone!!"
Type of gifts: Your player character with santa hats? Personalized gift box pixels? Anything you can do!
Where to contact you?: While you can either use this thread or make a new one depending on the types of requests, sometimes it's just easier to chat about specifics elsewhere like discord.

[B]Type of gifts:[/B] 
[B]Where to contact you?:[/B] [/PLAIN]

Exchange Participants

  • Nina
  • Anastasia

Goodies For All

  • None yet!

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Name: Anastasia
Things I can do: digital paintings, pixel art, watercolors, and graphic art
Interests: Pokemon (I love 3rd,4th,7th gen if that helps! I love all the bird starters) Non-pokemon: JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURES! (part 4 and 6 are the current favs), and I really dig floral designs. c:

Name: Anastasia
Type of gifts: I'd digitally paint the Sun and Moon starters (maybe a few more if there's a lot of interest, but I'm not taking requests) and print them out as stickers! I will be printing them, hand cutting them, and sending them myself!
Where to contact you?: Discord: MusicalCombusken#2149

Mr. James

Name: Ras
Things I can do: Pixel Art and Digital Art
Interests: Pokemon, Zelda, Anime, Movies

Name: Ras
Type of gifts: Pokemon Arts
Where to contact you?: Discord: @Ras#8922
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