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Gods Among Us: Dawnbreaker

  • Age 28
  • Seen Apr 17, 2024
People of PC. I present to you the first of three prologues to this year's GT Mafia event. Dawnbreaker.


"Townspeople of Olympus!"

The Major was stood in the town square just under the statue of Zeus carved into the side of the Mountain. "The annual festival of the Gods' is about to begin!" The sun was creeping up over the horizon, and the town was just waking up. The streets were adorned with banners, flags, stalls, you name it. Everything perfect for the festival. As people began to leave their homes and wonder at the sights and smells already filling the air, the town became ecstatic.

They gathered in the town square with the major beaming with pride over the hard work his government had done for the year's ceremony, he wondered over to the podium and began his speech.

"My dearest townspeople. We are here today to celebrate the Gods of Mount Olympus and all the work they do for us. They keep our soils fertile, our families together, our defences high… We truly owe a lot to them!" exclaimed the major on his podium. The crowd applauded as the statue watched over the full proximity of the town, ranging from the harbour in the east to the church in the near area, back to the farmlands in the north. Everything was peaceful.

A bloodcurdling scream pierced the air. Everything went still and quiet, as hearts began to pump faster and questions began to be asked. A woman ran out of her home near the town square. She was clutching to her throat, her clothes and body bloodstained. She collapsed right there and then. The crowd whipped into a frenzy, parents were screaming and taking their children back inside, people were fleeing and others were just stood still, locked in place with fear. The day was only young.

The Major wandered over in a state of shock to the woman's body. She was dead. Her throat had literally been ripped out, her blood was still warm.

"Oh no… Not today…" He was shaking on the spot, going white from fear. Had they upset the gods? "Not Empusa…"