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Gunner's Classy Sigs #2: Vriska - Aradia [LW#7][GCS#2]



The New Blog Craze!​

Welcome everyone to Gunner's Classy Sigs!
I'm arachnidsGrip and this is the series that features the signatures that have been used by yours truly, recently! Here are today's featured sigs!

NOTE: Due to the bug feature introduced sometime this year, this sig is fixed on PC 1.5 styles posts, or on a certain browser only. Because it hasn't been implemented on blogs, nor profiles, yet, you will notice the sig is broken, but in actuality, it isn't. Until it has been fixed, the following will be spoilered.

Fun fact, when Omicron and I changed our names, it was fitting that we both do a collab together, featuring Vriska and Aradia, both of which have handles named arachnidsGrip and apocalypseArisen, respectively.

This wraps up Gunner's Classy Sigs! Thanks and tune in to another entry
of Leijon's Wall!

Leijon's Wall © arachnidsGrip