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[Discussion] Help on how to show a challenge


Kevin Allyn
Hey there, welcome.

My first nuzlocke challenge, I wanted to do it to test my knowledge on Fire Red, since I played it like hundreds, if not thousands of times, and because in my opinion, Fire Red is too easy, not Sw/Sh levels, but yeah, the easiest game before the 3d era (gen 6 - today).

Why did I choose Fire Red? Because it has cooler exclusives.

I would want to make this a YouTube video, but I don't know how to do the format, I should probably just give updates of the challenge somewhere else, most likely on gamejolt, or X (Twitter). The full detailed video should be posted on YouTube, but what format should I use, I don't really know if spliting chapters after every 2 badges, or just post the whole thing once it's finished, compressed into a 20 - 25 min video. All your ideas will be welcome.

Side note: The challenge is not finished, I just beated Brock and I'm at the entrance of Mt. Moon, here are some updates

Well, see ya' later, bye!