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How The Hell Did I Do This? (2017 Pokemon Blue Run)


    • he/him
    • Seen Jul 1, 2022
    Generation I is a different beast. Moves are different types, there is no Fairy, Dark, or Steel types, and there are endless glitches. So how in the hell did I beat one of these games for the first time? Absolute sheer force, that's how.

    This was a pretty standard run for me until the part of the game where you take on Team Rocket at Silph Co. Normally, in Leaf Green, I would have done that, done some grinding with the Vs Seeker and such, and then took on Koga and Sabrina.

    Here there is no Vs Seeker. The levels of Pokemon are too low to grind on. So I decided to do the unthinkable; beat the rest of the game (4 gyms and the Elite Four + Champion) without any grinding.

    Koga was easy. Sabrina was tough thanks to Recover. Blaine was a pushover. Giovanni was pathetic. I started to believe. Cruised through Victory Road. Then came the Elite Four. Smoked 'em. Champion Blue? Smoked as well.

    It is done.

    Date Started: 11th of June, 2017.
    Date Finished (Became Champion): 24th of June, 2017.

    Wait until you see these levels.

    Final Team:
    Charizard (Level 46) [Cut, Growl, Flamethrower, Slash]
    Raichu (Level 48) [Thunderbolt, Growl, Thunder Wave, Swift]
    Victreebel (Level 46) [Razor Leaf, Acid, Mega Drain, Poison Powder]
    Vaporeon (Level 45) [Bite, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Surf]
    Porygon (Level 46) [Tri Attack, Psychic, Conversion, Ice Beam]
    Rhydon (Level 46) [Horn Attack, Strength, Tail Whip, Earthquake]

    Incredibly underleveled. The most underleveled I have been for one of these runs. I beat the last 3 gyms and Elite Four + Champion in one day.

    Next? Because it's unlikely we're going to get Sinnoh remakes soon, Platinum is my next run. And I'm starting it as soon as possible.