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[Other Question] How to add the feature to have multiple save files in a fan game

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    • Seen Mar 15, 2024
    I am extremely sorry if I am doing something wrong, this is my first time posting here. Please forgive me.

    I wanted to know how to add the option to have multiple save files so that multiple users can enjoy their own playthrough of a game while using a single computer.Actually I and my siblings want to try out some fan games. So would it be right to add such features to a fan game for personal use?

    I like want to have the option in game like some other fan games do(such as Pokemon rejuvenation).
    I don't like replacing others save files with mine whenever I play
    Please forgive me if I mentioned something wrong or offensive😞.
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    • Seen Jun 16, 2024
    Hello, I'm interested too.

    I know there was a plugin in order to do it but I don't know how to find it since reliccastle is dead. I tried it a while ago but it wasn't working with translations (my game is in french) and I didn't find why it wasn't working or how to make it work (probably related to save file name ?).