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I don't know what to call this one, can ya tell?


Sir Zangoose
  • Age 25
  • Seen Aug 31, 2016
Hey kids, Strider / Laguna here! I would have posted this yesterday but my internet died just as I was literally about to post so you're getting it now.

So yeah, I have Gold Tier now! I could've spent my money on something much more useful but I decided to waste it so my nickname would be readable in the default theme whenever I post anything. You all should be thankful because now you can tell that it's me better so you can ignore my unfunny posts easier! As for stuff happening in my life, well first off I had my first day at college again today yesterday and it was boring as all hell unsurprisingly. I was kinda hoping to run into someone I knew from last year honestly but of course I didn't so today was just a lot of awkwardness pretty much. I haven't made any friends yet and I think I only spoke like two sentences to someone who was sitting close to me so yay, being an introvert is so fun, totally. I'm pretty sure I got a StreetPass from one of the people in my ICT class though so I'll probably either ask them later or just awkwardly go and ask them what they're playing if they ever get their 3DS out. Or, you know, they could do it to me if I ever decide to bring out my 3DS in the middle of class just out of sheer boredom. Yes, I am a terrible student but I don't give a crap because I get good grades anyway so even if someone wanted to complain about me they can't.

As for what's going on with everything else, remember that Let's Play channel that I have that nobody actually watches? Well it's (probably) finally coming back so people can continue to ignore it! I ordered new headphones off Amazon because my last pair broke and when it comes I'll finally be able to record again. Final Fantasy VII is definitely coming back because I'm having a lot of fun with that series and I also had a Super Meat Boy versus with one of my friends who isn't part of PC all organized and everything but since I switched computers I'll have to go and do everything again and I am less than thrilled to do that. I worked for all that and had my fair share (read: like 3000) of deaths and I'll have to go through all the trouble of unlocking all the characters again. Hell, I even unlocked The Kid on my old laptop and if you've played the game you know how hard that is. So yeah, that might be pushed back or even canceled depending on how I feel. I also wanna do a spooky game for October because why the hell not. Here's a hint as to what I have in mind: It's a PS1 game, but not what you might expect, so stay tuned for that. Seriously though, I'd love it if any of you reading this went and checked out my stuff, whether it's through the LP forum or my YT channel, I'd appreciate it.

Soooooo, I hope you enjoyed reading all of my ramblings about stuff, I'll probably post some more in the future. Now enjoy some cool beats while I get ready for another boring schoolday.