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Idea to have a double battle focused game modeled after RPG elements

  • Age 30
  • Seen Oct 13, 2023
If you've played RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, you'll know that in a party, there is usually the core composition of the melee fighter, the healer, and the thief. And then there are other classes like archer, dancer, or mage that your party members can branch into. I was thinking of using pokeemerald to create a RPG-like game where every battle would be double battles and you would send out your party which would have moves and abilities depending on their class. For example, I'm thinking of having the starter be the typical fighter class (Torchic, Tyrogue, etc) with a healer companion (Chansey, Jigglypuff, or Clefairy), and they would travel across the world and recruit additional party members. For example, you would be able to recruit Rogue class Pokemon like Poochyena which will have access to moves that steal and remove enemy Pokemon's items, or Black Mage class Pokemon like Abra that have high Special Attack.

Some class archetypes that I've thought about are:
  • Jigglypuff, the cleric with Friend Guard that heals with Heal pulse and heal bell
  • Mr Mime, the white mage that defends with Reflect and Light Screen and counters attacks
  • Sableye, the trickster that can steal opponent buffs with Snatch and disable opponents
  • Cacnea, the tank that can defend with Spiky Shield and hurt opponents via Iron Barbs and Rocky Helmet
  • Doduo, the berseker that uses inaccurate but powerful moves like Hi Jump Kick and Hurricane

I want to break away from the hyperdamage meta of current Pokemon games and slow it down a bit to incorporate healers, tanks, and other classes that must work together in order to win battles, kind of what you expect from DQXI where you have to buff, heal, and disable opponents. I would also want to make it more RPG-like by incorporating skill progression (but not sure how to do it), quests, and bosses.

But yeah that's pretty much what I've thought of so far. If anyone has any suggestions/ideas or if there was something like this that was already made for Pokemon, then please feel free to let me know!