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[Intro] I'm here to introduce myself!

Hey there! My name is Hazel, and I'm a long time Pokemon trainer! I've finally decided to make an account, so, here it is! A few facts about me-
1. I once named every Legendary and Mythical Pokemon from memory in less than ten minutes (Prior to scarlet and violet)
2. I am obsessed with three Pokemon characters! Gladion, Hau and Silver, so don't insult them around me!
3. I have strong opinions, and I will defend them if necessary! I'm not scared to tell someone Beedrill is a cool Pokemon, that Charizard should've taken its second mega form and given it to dragonite, and that Vileplume is fun to repeat over and over!
Any questions, go ahead and ask!


A lover of Foxes
Hello there Hazel, welcome to the PC. Cool avatar pic by the way.

Beedrill is a very cool Pokemon I agree, as well as Dragonite really needing a Mega form, I don't have a clue who Gladion is though.

Do you have a favorite Gen?