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I'm pretty disappointed in myself right now


[b][color=red][font=helvetica][i]door-kun best boi
There are goals that I had set for myself. I haven't exactly been able to achieve those. Would've been cool if I had actually given my all - but I've found myself half-assing most things on most occasions.

The only one thing I've managed to consistently do with all my heart these past few days is work out - I've been moving my ass and doing whatever I can to slim down. That gives me some confidence and reassurance. At least there's something I can put my mind into. Here's to hope I manage to carry that kind of determination into other aspects of my life too. Because I seriously need to step my game up - if not now, I'll end up being too far behind for me to play the catch up game in life. That may be an exaggeration of sorts, yes, but that's what I feel like right now.

Just felt like letting this out somewhere.