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I'm suffering


the princess without voice
(Lol I haven't posted to this blog in ages hi there.)

I'm suffering cause I'm being forced to use a really old monitor from the early 2000s for a while. So yesterday morning my brother was playing a game (I think one of the Five Nights at Freddy's game idk honestly) and he was really pissed off at it cause he was failing to beat a level. This isn't news cause he's known thrown big tantrums over video games and basically any problem he has to deal with, so the fit part wasn't special. However, he got so frustrated that he vigorously threw a old cassette tape at the monitor, causing it to fall over, and breaking it down completely. It won't turn on or anything. Fortunately,we have a spare one. It's an old boxy Compaq monitor from the 2000s. The back says it was manufactured in 2005, but honestly it looks a few years older, so therefore I'm just gonna say "early 2000s".

So here's what Windows 10 looks like on a monitor from like the early 2000s

And here's what PC looks like.

Anyone who used PC in the early days with a monitor like this has my sympathy honestly. I hate this so much. Using it hurts my eyes, mostly cause of the screen, but also the low resolution. It's so small, some websites you have to scroll to the right or left a bit to see the full site. And cause now everything is designed for wider screens now, everything looks weird on such a small, square screen (17" particularly).

So honestly I'm probably gonna use my computer way less until we can get a replacement. Gonna only browse the internet on my iTouch and the computers at the library. This also means I'm gonna make gifs way less cause it's hard to color gifs in Photoshop when you have such a low res monitor. This really affects my tumblr cause making/coloring is the thing I do the most on there. So now you all know my pain right now. I can't wait to get an HD flat screen back again,this is infuriating.