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[HOME] In search of Mythicals

Hi all trying to finish up my Alolan, and Kalos Pokédex's and need the following Mythicals to finish them.
719 Diancie
721 Volcanion
802 Marshadow
807 Zeraora

I have for trade
808 Meltan lv26 from Go
808 Meltan Lv9 From Go
801 Magearna Lv50 from Sun
793 Nihilego Lv55 from Sun
799 Guzzlord lv70 from Sun
798 Kartana lv60 from Sun
796 Xurkitree lv65 from Sun
794 Buzzwole lv65 from Sun
718 Zygarde(50%) lv30 from Sun
386 Deoxys lv65 from 2014
251 Celebi lv10 from 2014
649 Genesect lv15 from 2012
647 Keldeo lv32 from 2012
I also have a number of legendaries
  • Age 40
  • Seen Apr 11, 2024
Hi, I have a cloned Diancie on Pokemon Y version that I can trade to you. I also have a cloned Volcanion on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire that I can trade to you, as well. What kinds of legendaries do you have that you'd be willing to trade for them? FC is in my signature. IGN is ASH 1 on Y, and IGN is ASH 3 on Alpha Sapphire. Let me know when you're available to trade.