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iSKETCH GALLERY! Also: How do I enjoy the Get Together, let me count the ways...

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • As much for my reference as anything, here's what I've entered so far in the Get-Together:

    1. AMV Contest: Entered this with my "That's What Anime Girls Do!" video.
    2. Small Writing Contest: A one-shot I thought of in like a day and a half, lol. Ends my seven month drought of writing.
    3. Weekend Nights of Trivia Contest: I actually won the first round, "Pokemon General"!
    4. Photography Contest: Entered with a picture of a sunset outside my parent's home.
    5. Fan Art Event: Made a vector drawing of Blue/Leaf.
    6. Design A Trainer: My OC Lisa was used for this. I included a vector drawing that's a slight edit of the one I submitted for the Fan Art contest.
    7. The Shiritori game and the Get Together Manifesto
    8. And who could forget... iSketch! This game is so addicting and I've even managed to win a couple games xD

    And now, the real reason you visited this entry...

    Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s iSketch Gallery of Awesomeness!

    A double round: Camera and Meowth :)


    A very angry Ivysaur who looks like a Bulbasaur because they look too much alike.


    Minun. Much happier than Ivysaur xD


    Spear Pillar. And Cyrus going completely ballistic with his Red Chains.


    Sunkern. *GASP! It actually LOOKS like Sunkern!


    Wynaut, happy as always.

    This post subject to edit if I enter anything else and if I create any more masterpieces worth showing off :)


  • That is the most beautiful Ivysaur drawing I've ever seen. :D