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It's a birthday..


Rely on me to let you down.
- Wednesday 8th October 2008

My dad's birthday today, I think he's fifty eight? It's quite annoting having older parents, because they've already had four childeren before me, all of which are now leading their own lives, and I guess my parents want to get back to living their's.
Well, I say it's annoying, it's actually a blessing sometimes, as they are off doing their own thing and leave me in peace, however they drag me along with them sometimes thinking that they have to take me with them, which they don't.

Today's best lesson at school was science, we were making crumple zones for little wooden cars, it didn't really need to be done but our teacher said we could for a bit of fun.
Ours was the best. ;)
The main reason being though that it was a lot slower and also was a lot longer so it hit the wall before it could build up any speed. xD
(Photo's can be found at the bottom)

Drama wasn't so bad today, I'm feeling good about the acting i'm doing and for the actuall lesson none of the group were patronizing or being B*tchy towards me.
At the end however, Abbii, Louise and Emma decided to have a go at me, which in my opinion is quite two-faced.
This is because they were fine right up until the end of the lesson. I think they are trying to stretch out their not liking me, because at the moment they don't really have much material on why they shouldn't.
I've learnt all my lines, I've got all the sounds we need and I am collecting images to be projected on the wall behind us. All in all the making of the play is actually going extremely smoothly, yet they still feel the need to complain.

My Drama afterschool was not as bad as I thought it was going to be as I was not in the same room as the teacher, but instead among a lot of the people who were auditioning for the school play, quite a few who were my friends.
I was not auditioning myself as I get quite nervous sometimes. For example at the end of last year we were expecting to have a nice easy lesson in english,as that is what usually happens on the last day whith lessons.
However our english teacher decided that she wanted us to do work, coming to a compromise (sort of) with writing a formal letter about why she should not give one of the students an afterschool. (He had forgotten his book)

While everyone else wrote a letter trying to flatter her, I wrote on having a rant at her and saying that if she does give him the afterschool then we would all hate her. (Well at least I would)

When reading it I was shaking like mad. D:
She didn't take my letter as I intended it wither, she thought it was a joke. :/
I hate her.

I've just come back from my Dad's birthday meal, when went to a little indian place "Spice Dunes".
It was alright, but the toilets were incredible cramped (I almost got hit with the door as someone entered while I was washing my hands)
The individual tables were far to close to each other, it made you feel like you were being rude if you didn't chat to the person on the next table.

I like coffee now, well, -ish.
I used to have to have a fair amount of sugar with it, bit now I can do without. I plan to the same with tea.

I've managed to post a weeks worth of blogs now. ^^
I'm quite pleased about that as I used to just give up on them, o never even start, but I actually like writing them now.

I was planning on putting each song I'd listened to while writing this, but I'll just put what i'm listening to now.

Listening To: My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade
via FoxyTunes

I'm downloading the actual retail DVD of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". I'm actually shocked to find that it's worse quality to the individual episodes I downloaded, and the subtitles are extremely ugly and far too big.
Here's a comparison. (The individual episode on the left and the DVD version on the right.)

^ Click on them for bigger images.

Here's the photos of our car we made in science:

^ Click on them for bigger images.

That's all i've really got to say today.
It was actually quite a lot compared to the other entries..

Catch you tomorrow. X