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"I've Been to Hell and Back -- Literally!"


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    • Seen Jan 30, 2015
    This is SuperEspeon's blog post for Around PC in Seven Days. Enjoy :)


    Okay so it was a sunny day in the hilly suburbs of my hometown. And it was a blistering 97 degrees outside, so you know what? We went to the pool. Now, this story takes place back when I was a wee yung un'.. I think I was like 3 or something. Now back in this young adolescence of mine, I had to wear floaties. I remember they were like these vibrant green floaties just hanging on my arms. We had a big pool in our backyard, and we had this party, and we had invited close family friends. So, everything went well you know, I was just chillin in the pool. Eventually the party started to wind down.. and my mom said I had to get out of the pool. I didnt want to, and after all this big fuss I finally got out. But, I, the clever little kid I was, figured I would go back in later. So my mom took me in the house, took off my floaties, and that was that. But, I bolted loose and made a bumrush for the pool. Im not sure, but I guess my mom just thought I was running to my dad or something, and she let it go. So, I made my way (very fast mind you) to the pool and jumped in. Without my floaties. As you could imagine I suck right to the bottom and I guess I just fainted. I just remember seeing the tingent blue of the pool. Now, this shouldnt have been a problem right? There were so many guests around the pool, somebody should have noticed me go in and fished me out right? Wrong. Somehow my big splash into the pool drew no eyes and I was just down there. Tragic I know. About 3 minutes later, (at this point my heart had stopped beating for a good 15 seconds), my sister was like, "Hey... whats that at the bottom of the pool? Oh my god its [SuperEspeon]!" and then they just fished me out and water just poured out of every hole. Yes, every hole. Now normally, you should do CPR in this situation. My dad, being the logical guy he was, took me by the ankles and shook the everliving ♥♥♥♥ out of me. And before I knew it, ambulances were everywhere, and you can see where this is going.

    I dont remember much after that, but my dad said that when he asked me why I jumped in I said "because I wanted my dolly!" Which btw, I dont remember at all, but if that is the case, thats hilarious.

    Anyways, hoped you enjoyed this little story.