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Just a small announcement...


f i r e f l y .
Kids on the Slope is the best thing ever since whatever anime was the best last year, whether that was Puella Magi Madoka Magicka or Mawaru Penguindrum.

That is all.

Actually I should make this kind of a big thing seeing as I haven't made a blog post in forever. I've been practically spending all my time playing a little game called League of Legends thanks to some friends who introduced me to it, and also Toujours who taught me the wonders of Caitlyn even though she doesn't play it anymore. :(

At the end of the month is AvCon, which is basically the only anime convention they have here in Adelaide which is actually related to anime. I don't articularly like sci-fi so I don't tend to attend the more comic book based one since they get more people from shows like Stargate and so forth. I am cosplaying this year with a costume I wanted to help with but couldn't because it would be just difficult for me to help and stuff. If you're wondering who I'm going as it will be Elizabeth from Gintama (the weird duck thing) and it will look amazing. I don't have pictures yet but I will do when the time comes around.

Not much else from me lately apart from obsessing with Kids on the Slope which again, is amazing.