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King Dedede!

Ace Trainer Slash

If you give me about two hours, I can make scripts
One of my favourite characters of all time, and my main in Ultimate!

I used to use him heaps in Smash 4 3DS (my first smash game), and since my circle pad had broken off multiple times, and you had to click really hard to actually perform attacks, I used to just spam Side B since that was the easiest attack to physically do (Up B was a pain to accomplish). :D Not to mention, I actually never knew the basic attacks in the game (I used to think smash attacks were like this special attack you could pull off every so often.) Now with Ultimate, I'm still a Dedede main, and I actually know how to use him. :) His aerials are awesome. :D

My favourite combo so far for Dedede, is down throw, into forward air, fast fall into down tilt, and then Side-B or an A press, that will do 35-48% from 0%. :)

After playing Dedede, I eventually played my first Kirby game, Kirby Star Allies (thoroughly enjoyed it!), and it became a win-win, I found a new gaming franchise I enjoy, and a new character, that now, I've been using for almost... 3 years I think? Nonetheless, King Dedede, my favourite Kirby character, and one of my favourite video game characters. :)

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, his battle themes have always been awesome too. :D