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Leijon News #3: CELEBRATIONS [LW#10][LN#3]


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    The New Blog Craze!​

    Good day to you all! My name is arachnidsGrip and this is Leijon News! For today's news, we will be talking about the celebrations that is happening recently, and more stuff that you might want to see.


    I'm pretty sure everyone knows this but this week, we were introduced to SIX staff promotions. We have Klippy and Nolafus getting that tangy orange, Abnegation and Sheep seating at the highest seats of the forums, and we also saw Dragon's addition as mod of Celebrations and Sonata as the newest mod of General Chat!

    To be honest, I can't fathom how we are so blessed to have these 6 getting promoted, I really think that they would do an awesome job and make this place much livelier than before!

    If you guys haven't congratulated them, I suggest you do now!


    I had my exams week just recently, and it's great to relax after it, haha! I'm just hoping that I wouldn't really fail.


    As for this blog is concerned, I'm really having trouble getting my creative juices flowing, that's why you see more Gunner's Classy Sigs, and little to no GPod, ORAS Leijon Run, and OP Onions. I won't be planning to cancel them, but I'm pretty sure they will be going on a long hiatus.

    Also, I suggest coming back here ever so often, because we have something in store for you soon!

    That's all for today's news, I'm once again arachnidsGrip and this is Leijon News! Tune in to another entry of Leijon's Wall, soon!

    Leijon's Wall © arachnidsGrip