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Hack Series: Let's Go: Peerless Pikachu & Exquisite Eevee


  • Age 27
  • Seen Feb 27, 2024
Pokemon Let's Go: Peerless Pikachu & Exquisite Eevee is a hack of Let's Go, built using pkNX. Everything was done by me.

This mod includes the following changes:
  • Stat changes for all Pokemon with a sole cross-gen evolution, to reflect their future evolution (ex: Golbat now has Crobat's base stats).
  • Farfetch'd and Mr. Mime have had their stats improved, to reflect the same improvements that Sirfetch'd and Mr. Rime had compared to the Galarian Forms. As counterparts, Jynx has also received a stat boost similar to Mr. Mime
  • Seadra is now Water/Dragon (to match Kingdra), and Farfetch'd is now Fighting/Flying (as a mix of the Kanto and Galar variant).
  • Trade evolutions + Meltan can now evolve by knowing a certain move. All of these moves come as a TM. Pikachu, Exeggcute and Cubone can now evolve into their Alolan variants, using the native Ice Stone.
  • Some in-game trades have been changed to allow Meltan and all Alola Forms in the one title.
  • 40 Moves have been replaced by other cut moves (ex: Strength is now Close Combat). In addition, Absorb and Mega Drain have been renamed to Mega Drain and Giga Drain.
  • Learnsets for all Pokemon have been updated to reflect a mix of SWSH, BDSP and LGPE level-up moves, egg moves and select former TMs.
  • Wild encounters for every area have been completely re-done, to provide a better distribution, and with some former game or anime references. Rare spawns and sky-based encounters have not changed.
  • The static encounter Snorlax now appears at lv40, and the static encounter Mewtwo now has +2 boosts instead of +1.
  • All trainer battles have been updated to reflect the new learnsets. In addition, while not a difficulty hack, all trainers have changed levels, and all gym leaders have been given 5 Pokemon, with each Elite Four member having 6.
  • The level curve has been slightly adjusted so that you complete Celadon Gym - Rocket HQ - Pokemon Tower - Fighting Dojo - Silph Co in sequence, before then completing Routes 12-15 and subsequently Routes 16-18. Koga should then be challenged before Sabrina.
  • All mega stones are now available by beating the trainers in Victory Road. TM60 (Megahorn) is also accessible by beating your rival in Route 22 after receiving your 8th badge.
  • Some dialogue has been changed. Most importantly, the "you used a potion" text string, that would always say "you" even if the opposing trainer used one, now lists the correct trainer's name instead of "you".
  • All of the above changes, and more, can be found within the documentation files in the download.

  • Compatibility issues with PKHeX: Generating any Pokemon with a stat change in PKHeX will use their old stats in game, until the Pokemon gains a level. Consider generating the Pokemon one level below and using a Rare Candy. In addition, any of the new moves will require you to use the old move's name. These can be found in the Changelog document.
  • Bugs: There are some minor unfixable bugs with certain moves, where they were replaced over status or 2-turn moves, in which the health bar animation doesn't show properly. In addition, Twister now makes the opposing Pokemon disappear, but they should re-appear when using a move.

PPEE Download & Documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rR96TwJ-naoIFWOhfRN2PGT2kS9QAKGs?usp=sharing



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