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[Decomps] Looking for Recruits to Help Create Pokémon Fire Red Ultra

Hello, everyone! My name is ShakenJacob, but you can just call me Shaken. I'm currently looking for fellow ROM hackers to help me make my first hack, "Pokémon Fire Red Ultra"!

About the Game:
This hack is intended to really only bring changes to the available Pokémon roster, wild encounters, the A.I (...as its incredibly stupid in the base game), and nothing else. This means that the hack will not add in every generation of Pokémon, nor will it change anything about the routes or story. It will, however, add in all cross-gen evolutions and regional forms (...to all Pokémon in generations 1-3), as well as brand new Mega Evolutions based on Gigantamax forms (...again, to all Pokémon available in generations 1-3).

To reiterate, here is everything that will be added into the hack:
  • Rebalanced Pokémon Roster
  • Rebalanced Moves
  • All Moves and Abilities from Gen 1-9 (...barring certain signature moves abilities)
  • All Cross-Gen Pokémon (...of existing Pokémon in generations 1-3)
  • All Regional Pokémon Forms (...of existing Pokémon in generations 1-3)
  • Mega Evolution (...for applicable Pokémon in generations 1-3)
  • Brand New Megas Based on Gigantamax Forms (...for applicable Pokémon in generations 1-3)
  • Brand New Pokémon Forms (...based on various Pokémon games, such as the "Let's Go" games and XD: Gales of Darkness)
  • Brand New Moves
  • Brand New Abilities
  • Fairy Type
  • Physical-Special Split

End Goal:
My main goal of this hack is to help me get my feet wet and understand more about ROM hacking development. I want this to be the start of my journey into Pokémon ROM hacking, and to assist my learning so that I can create something much bigger in the future... oh, and, of course, the base of the game is Pokémon Fire Red.

As for who I'm looking for, I just need two kinds of editors:

Coders - What it says on the box- anyone that can program things like moves and special effects into the game (...ideally, I'd like someone that can add in things like new moves and abilities, A.I changes, etc.)
Spriters - I only need people of this category for the moves and abilities that will be added into the game (...along with anything else I might need).

Additionally, I'm open to anyone that wants to test out the game and its soon to be many iterations!

My Contributions:
As for myself, I will do all the hard work on the documentation, and will additionally do the best I can with editing the game itself (...bear in mind that I'm not only new to ROM hacking, but also have absolutely no idea how to code. Again, I will do everything in my power to assist the team as much as I can).

CFRU and DPE: Credits to Skeli, Ghoulslash, Leon, and everyone else who created the "CFRU", "DPE" and "Ultimate ROM Base" packages.
Sprites: Credits to thedarkdragon11 for making the "Graphics: DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Sprite Repository in 64x64" post, as well as everyone else who gave them the generation 1-4 and generation 8 and 9 sprites (...and all regional forms).

Side Note:
As this is my first post- I can't put down links to the threads themselves until I reach my fifth one. At the moment, I can only list down the people who made the threads and resources. I do NOT intend to steal sprites or other resources for my own benefit. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Gmail - [email protected]
Discord - shakenjacob9028

I very much look forward to working with you all!

- ShakenJacob
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