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Matrix Resurrections, non-alcoholic ginger beer, gaming and NOTHING ELSE


mrs. van mccann
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    I have done absolutely nothing all weekend, aside from work on Saturday morning, and I've loved it. I should probably feel very guilty, because I should probably be doing things of value with my free time, but I've really enjoyed just sitting around at home and hanging out with my dog, playing Switch and PC games. It's been an Animal Crossing/Castle Crashers/PLA weekend, and I'm here for it. Tell a lie, though, after my 4 hr shift on Saturday I went to grab a coffee with a friend I haven't seen in a while cause her boyfriend was at work for the day, and when I got home to change into non-work related clothes before said coffee my power was out so I was very grateful I didn't cancel my plans.

    Then today I spent more money on games that I shouldn't have bought. Castlevania Anniversary Collection, Castle Crashers and Fire Pro Wrestling World, but tbf they're all fun. I made a wrestling company called PokeCommunity Wrestling and set up a tournament for the PCW World title, so far Beedrill has beat Nurse Joy and Electabuzz has beat Nissa, there's a few more 1st round matches that I'll play after work tomorrow but it's all good fun! And the pets you can get to follow you in Castle Crashers are sooooo cute ^-^ the only game I'm a bit disappointed in is Castlevania, because a controller would be preferred to play it, but I'll just buy one next week.

    OH I did forget, I was meant to visit my parents and watch Matrix Resurrections, but mum ended up coming to my house instead on Saturday night and we ordered Chinese food, and she brought these non-alcoholic ginger beers that I now really enjoy and it was a really good night! The Matrix was a great movie, good lil throwback to the first one and Keanu is still looking as fiiiiine as ever. Saturday night was really good, mum left at about 10pm to go home and I managed to squeeze in a few hours of gaming, was still up at 6:30 on Sunday though, gosh darn body clock >:C

    I've got work tomorrow, a new week here we go. Luckily I got basically everything I needed to do on Monday done on Saturday (and played PLA in the office, too!) so I don't have all that much going on.. It should be a very chilled out day up until about midday, hopefully. I'm hoping that this week goes quick because next weekend I have no Saturday morning shift, and I get paid a very good amount because of the Saturday shift I've just worked, so I'm hopefully going to be able to afford to complete my Pokemon game collection on Switch, buy an SD card so I can actually install more than 3 games, get the online expansion for the Animal Crossing DLC and Nintendo 64 AND THEN buy a few games on the current Steam Sale. I'm terrible I know.

    Just wanted to post quickly because I didn't yesterday, that's why I've made a new blog category for the weekends because I know I'll probably forget to post every single Saturday without fail. Anyway, this has been a paid sponsor from your local ten frogs masquerading as a human being, luv u all xoxo xoxo~​