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Midnight Oil..


Rely on me to let you down.
- Saturday/Sunday 11/12th October 2008

Two dates? What's the meanig of this? : O

Well, last night I did not go to sleep until 9:30AM the next morning!

It was mostly a day of PC, but I then went out babysitting which was fun. ^^
I brought down the 360 so Harry just played on that till bed time, and Alfie (Bless his heart) just loved typing in notepad on the laptop! xD

Yeah, I brought the lappy too, so I got to go on PC. ^^
Over the course of the night I watched Fight Club again (The reason for my new theme) and the Baz Lurhmann's Romeo & Juliette AGAIN. : p

I can now put up with coffee, and in-fact find it quite nice! : D


I just came back from a party for a friend of mine, she's sixteen! 8D
I'm jelous though... >:[

It was great though, I had a fab time!
And it was all because of this lovely peice of hunk! xD

I might update later, depends on how late i'm up.

Catch you later. X