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Red hack: MissingNo. Challenge


Dark Energy is back in action! ;)
This is a one-day hack that I just made.
It's of Pokemon Red (U) ROM.

Recently, I've started to learn what RAM is and how to modify the RAM data. I decided to make a little test and changed your own pokemon party by messing with the RAM, and to my surprise, the data was constant (RAM code is usually temporary which would make this hack unreleasable) !

So yeah, I was able to change the pokemon party you've and still with a little more work, changed the first Gary battle in the game.
With research by IImarckus, I too found out that there are three different MissingNo's which don't have glitchy battle sprites (they're actually used in the game already but they're not pokemon to be battled). Their movesets would only have to be modified to make them "working enemies", so I did :D

So basicly, the Red1.sgm is downloadable because it changes the party and starting location in the game when save state is loaded from Slot 1, and the purpose of Red.ips file is the fact, it changes the Gary's pokemon party and the movesets of the three MissingNo's.

Idea of the hack
You're forced to start in Oak's Lab after both you and Gary have received "your first pokemon". If you check the menu, you'll find out the pokemon you have aren't that normal.
If you try to escape the lab, Gary challenges you like he usually does but with three extremely high-leveled MissingNo's with new movesets that never existed. Your mission is to defeat Gary (and possibly pwn all the gym leaders and lance easily after the battle). Notice that Mew should get weaker after it levels up to lv 100 !


How to play the hack
-Patch the "Red.ips" file to a clean "Pokemon Red (U) ROM".
-Rename the "Pokemon Red (U).gb" to "Red.gb". If your computer doesn't show ".gb" in the end of the file name, just rename the file to "Red".
-Open the ROM with VisualBoyAdvance 1.80 (not sure if other versions work, sorry Mac and Linux users but you can at least try if it does), and load save state from Slot 1 by pressing F1 button. You should end up being in Oak's lab and ready for the battle.
-Notice that your ROM (Red.gb) and Red1.sgm files have to be in the same directory for this to work !

Download a zip-file of these two files here or get them separately beneath.
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Dark Energy is back in action! ;)
How do i patch the .sgm into the game itself?
.sgm = ".save game"

Everytime you use VBA to make a save state, a new .sgm file is either created, or another one is replaced with that.

I've included instructions for playing the hack in the first post. It's pretty self-explanotary I think, but you need both the ips-file and the sgm-file to "do the trick".


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That's what pops up when I try to download the files. I hope i gets re-uploaded soon.